Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


House of cards

Netflix has a new show called house of cards. It's a great political based series starring Kevin spacey as Francis Underwood.  Is an awesome inside look at what goes on behind closed doors in Washington. Has some great quotes,  like "generosity is its own form of power." Manipulation factor is why I like it because I'm always trying to Relate everything to stocks and the stock market. What you may see isn't what really occurs in reality. What your perception is of something that can be seen as a negative is only negative for that specific period in time, which reinforces the fact that timing is everything when trading. I suggest watching it, possibly can help develop your perception if you allow yourself to contemplate deeper than face value. I have no respect for traders that don't work on each area of trading because they are lazy. You must develop your timing, which is based off of being able to put yourself in the shoes of the opposite side or to simply empathize with the emotion regardless of your own bias.  Your must develop your technical analysis because Patterns predict the future of the stocks movement. Finally, you must develop a better knowledge of news, value and overall due diligence as to what main street pays attention to in order to know better than others than do not concern themselves with. Once you can blend these 3 areas with experience you might start consistently greening your P&L. Your going to find that the shit others are trying to sell you is only their hard work and if you can out work them smarter then you become an island and can carry your own plate. You only need yourself.