Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


April 18 - Thurs. "What I Give You is Thought"

So as you know boomwin has been only showing maybe one or two stocks when I post.
I do this for a reason, I been trying to give 100% gimme plays.
Trying to set you up with a play I know will work.

Last 2 have been killer, SBGI on monday, UNXL rip on tuesday, both were spelled out on boomwin, my only picks for those days, but all you need is one good pick to hit for $500+ bux and ur done.

I've been doing better than normal in chat, so I encourage you to join up. Use BOOMWIN as refferal code for 25% discount.
Sign up for the year its the best rate.

Today, we nailed AAPL short from 412, cover half 405, cover 1/4th 402 and I got greedy on last bit and didn't get a < 400 cover, but 403 for $700ish gain.

My good calls come from chat cause thats where I'm live, I use twitter to let you know of whats happening, but you need to get involved in our community at it will help you get better at this if you really want to make a life out of it.

EXAS - eyeing the short over 9.1 area. Test exceeded, but I Like the short for a trade.

ACUR - bounce long trade, on washes, tgt .75 then 3.