Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 29 - Wed. "Test ya"

TSLA - sick move, was long big last Friday and couldn't make it this far, c'est la vie, cut my size and still couldn't hold the 50 shares from 91 I wanted to make it this far, i really did, it eats at me that I didn't because I know it was a conscious thought, not just an idea. This is the real battle, not to make money, but to keep making money on the same position. It gets deeper in ur career and these problems arise, size problems occur as well because you want more and more gains of larger nature. Its a feat getting to this point, I should be happy. On to TSLA and what I predict from here. I'm long bias early on, I think we get some sick move to the upside, it may be 125-133 at the height of it, I know shorts are majorly upside down and with size so I'll be longing 50 shares out the gate if it opens up slightly flat to up. If it gaps up strong I'll just wait for the early para push and short that, then get long again, I think this will be a timed short, like midday or eod for the real hold, the 100 to 300 share hold and swing short. Tomorrow maybe the day we see TSLA the highest it will go for a while, all spec of course, but this is my thoughts. No chart, you know levels not really mattering at this point, psycho price points are more important at this point and also paras are important, if you nail it, nail it and move on until we feel more confident in chat about holding, always protect if they want one more squeeze day, so into Thursday, etc. good luck.

FMCC - I'll be on this short as well, tried to nail it today, feel like TSLA will hold most of my attention, but I like this pair of shorts tomorrow.

OREX - was long today, think every1 thinking long again, but it sold the fuck back today and stayed there, I think short if/when it does move up, I dont really like the long anymore, even though I am long, that move today sucked, there was no faith in the long hold, fwiw. maybe just for trades, accordingly.

Keep watch on teh solars, they got weak today, not sure they let them slide until later, seems like they need to work big money out a little longer before we get the real crack, suspecting friday. FSLR, SPWR, CSIQ, JASO, SCTY, etc.