Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas



Haven't posted in a while, been doing the same shit tho, just not giving people advice other than on twitter and in room.

I kind of got sick of helping with no financial return from the help, I can make money without helping people, but I do enjoy teaching so I may revamp the boomwin strategy as to how I've made 20-30k in the last month or so.

I need to vent a bit about what I'm seeing as far as the market, the people that are trying to "help" you make money.

Day in and day out I see ppl posting that they made x amount of dollars and then the sheep flock to those rooms because its a nice amount of money, but the real question you should be asking is how much money are they making for other ppl.

As Sykes would put it, "How many millionaires have you made?" How many ppl are on your team that you take an active role in helping them bank? how many ppl do you pay to work with you? these are the makings of someone you should most likely want to be under tutelage with.

If not, get ur fuckin mind right and move on, some ppl seem to have their shit together, but its all smoke and mirrors. Either that or they get lazy from subs paying their mortgage that they dont have to bank day in and day out.

Not me, I can't afford to lose, plus I f'n hate it, I hate being wrong even once in a day.

=moving on...+++

If you are wrong about a stock, stop talking about it, all it does is convolute those that have a good read on it. If you can't read charts or don't do due diligence, yes dd is part of the game not just charting, stop being a lazy fuck, set in your ways, WAKE UP!, then just stfu, real men talking.

Only reason is cause I'm kind of fumed about a few calls as of late of others I hold in high regard. I know I'm the one pressing buttons, but I value some ppl's opinions and when they say something that is direct opposition to what position I'm in, I don't take it likely, I act and most times take the loss.

Sad part is that I feel I can read stocks better than 99% of people out there, my problem is having a position of substantial size when I know I'm right, I just don't do it either from lack of confidence that I'm correct or somewhere deep down I want to sabotage myself.

I guess, the student at some point becomes the teacher and the pupil becomes the master and so on.

growing pains, slowly gain...bottom line...I'm not sitting on millions, I have to fucking produce to support my family, I need to hit $600+ a day to cover life.