Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Preview June 11

  1. Mad Catz (MCZ:$0.4499,$0.049700,12.42%)reports Q4 sales of $26.3 mln, up from $22.8 mln in the year ago quarter. Net income was $0.02 per share, vs. a year ago loss of $0.07 per share. Adjusted EPS was $0.01 per share, vs. a year ago loss of $0.01 per share.
    • Long, people are gona jump on this cheap penny stock and drive it up over a dollar, market permitting. Long .51.
  2. Wendy's/Arby's Group Inc. (WEN:$4.34,00$0.19,004.58%)
    • Nelson Peltz said Thursday an outside party has approached the billionaire investor about a potential acquisition.
    • private-equity firms, with a renewed appetite for fast- food chains, may see the company as undervalued.
    •  Long, 4.8, this ones kinda tricky, anything over 5.2 I'd be leary of a comedown. Long the dips though.
  3. ArcSight (ARST:$19.82,00$0.81,004.26%) firmed in after-hours trade after topping Q4 estimates and guiding in-line to above expectations for Q1.
    • Short, 22, Long, 21.5, anything out of that range, real-time me.
  4. National Semiconductor (NSM:$13.53,00$0.42,003.20%) advanced in after-hours trade after beating Q4 expectations and setting its Q1 view above Street estimates.
    • Long, 13.5, Short 14.15.
  5. Exide Technologies (XIDE:$5.39,00$0.29,005.69%) announced a new licensing agreement with Honeywell Consumer Products Group. Honeywell Consumer Products Group is a business unit within the Honeywell Transportation Systems segment.
    • Short, I know this is good news, but if it pops at all I'm short, short, short.
  6. DELL (DELL:$13.07,00$0.29,002.27%) : -2.6%; revises down EPS to reflect possible legal liability.
    • Mixed, legal issues aren't good so leaning towards Shorting it, but Long around 12.5 thats a bargain.
  7. Finisar (FNSR:$14.24,00$0.70,005.17%) gained in evening action after reporting better-than-expected results and guidance.
    •  Long, probably continue its uptrend, but I'd buy dips and long them and short pops.
  8. Men's Wearhouse (MW:$22.20,00$3.53,0018.91%), huge gain today topping last years numbers, combined with todays great broad market run. 
    • Short, This run went way too far this company is not a 23 dollar a stock company, I'd long short if if that makes any sense, I'd short it and go long on your short, not a short scalp.
  9. Express Inc.'s (EXPR:$14.01,00$0.57,004.24%) fiscal first-quarter profit more than quadrupled, helped by surging sales and margins.
    •  Long, profit quadrupled! duh. Short it if it gets too far up, say over 15.5-16.
  10. Shares of Rambus Inc. (RMBS:$18.83,00$0.64,003.52%) fell sharply Wednesday after a federal court ordered a rehearing of arguments in a patent dispute with Hynix Semiconductor and Micron Technology (MU:$8.77,00$0.24,002.81%) . 
    •  MU long, RMBS short, for tomorrow. Scalp these two
  11. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (BMY:$24.64,00$0.50,002.07%) and its partner Pfizer Inc (PFE:...) said on Thursday they will halt a big study of their experimental blood clot preventer apixaban due to clear evidence that it prevented stroke among patients with atrial fibrillation.
    •  Long, enough said.
  12. ValuEngine, Inc., has upgraded Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ:$16.42,00$0.38,002.37%) to a "5" rating, the serviceĆ¢€™s highest. 
    • Short, even though they got the rating, I think there was some under the table payment made for that. May pop tomorrow so you could scalp the long pop, but then I'd short it. 
  13. Delcath Systems (DCTH:$9.20,00$0.43,004.90%)
    • Long, they have gotten beaten up the last few days and should pop back into the 11 area, try to buy as close to 9 as possible.
  14. Brookfield Properties Corp (BPO:$14.40,00$0.50,003.60%) had Property owner Tishman Speyer say on Thursday it led a $700 million injection into its protfolio of Washington-area office buildings, fighting off a foreclosure attempt, which BPO owns. 
    • Long, love when other companies have the ability to pay money to stay from being foreclosed. 
  15. (LGF:$6.99, -$0.06, -.85%) Icahn wants LGF for $7 and Cuban's stake would give Icahn about 28% of Lions Gate shares, which he plans to do. 
    • If LGF falls below $7 and you're looking to scalp this is the perfect stock for that.
    • I love Lions Gates movies haven't been able to make any money off the stock, but I hope Icahn can get some good stuff going. 
  16. Medical Nutrition USA, Inc. (MDNU:$2.78,00$0.235,09.23%) a developer and distributor of nutrition-medicine products, has entered into a definitive merger agreement with Danone North America, Inc. under which Danone will acquire all the outstanding shares for $4.00/share in cash.
    • Long, these one are always so hard to get before they get to the buyout price, but if you can, more power to you, I'd put my entire account in it. 
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