Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Preview June 4

  1. Bottomline (EPAY:$16.39,00$-0.12,00-0.73%) has seen steady sell pressure move into the shares late tonight since the company announced plans to sell stock in an offering. 
    • EPAY, -3.5%, 16.51 to 14.50 , stock offering.
    • Short, but look for some bargain hunters if it drops too low.
  2. Martek Biosciences (MATK:$19.25,00$0.99,005.42%) firmed in evening trade after beating Q2 estimates.
    • MATK, +6.9%, 18.26 to 21.48, beats with Q2 results.
    • Long, but I'd wait a few hours to see what happens.
  3. Quiksilver (ZQK:$4.63,00$-0.02,00-0.43%) advanced in after-hours trade after topping Q2 expectations. 
    • ZQK, +11.5%, 4.63 to 5.40, beats Street expectations.
    • Long, but its inflated, look for profit takers early on and a cheap buy before run up, then possible short.
  4. Navarre (NAVR) reports Q4 sales of $138.3 mln, better than the analyst mean of $121 mln on Thomson Reuters. Earnings were $0.09 per share, vs. expectations of $0.04 per share.
    •  NAVR: +25%, 2.10 to 2.29, beats with Q4 results.  
    •  Short, only short this after it runs, if not, Long, it after it dips.
  5. Dyncorp International (DCP:$17.03,00$0.08,000.47%) reports Q4 EPS of $0.43 vs $0.34 a year earlier and topping the Thomson Reuters mean analyst estimate for $0.35.
    •  DCP, +0.8%, 17.03 to 17.20, topped Q4 estimates.
    •  Short, didn't really kill earnings, but could have small pop, but I expect it to come down.
  6. Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc (ULTA:$23.90,00$0.31,001.31%) posted a higher-than-expected quarterly profit, helped by improved merchandise margins, and the company forecast strong second-quarter results
    •  ULTA, +2.5%, 23.59 to 26, higher than expected quarterly profit.
      Long, I like how it bounced high came down, think it will make a strong run and come down hard tomorrow just the same, good plays both long and short here. 
  7. Trubion Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s (TRBN:$3.68,00$-0.24,00-6.12%) shares jumped in after-hours trading, after the company disclosed an appeals board in Europe upheld a decision to revoke a patent held by Roche Holding AG's (RHHVF:$139.5000,$0.0000,0.00%) (RHHBY, ROG.VX) Genentech and Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB:$49.25,00$0.90,001.86%) .
    •  TRBN, +7%, 3.72 to 4.75, revoked patent in favor.
  8. (RCMT:$3.50,00$0.0052,0.15%) today announced that its Board of Directors has met with respect to the proposal by CDI Corp (CDI:$16.32,00$0.69,004.41%)  to acquire all of the outstanding shares of RCM common stock for $5.20 per share, and has determined that it would not be in the best interests of the Company to pursue the transaction as presently structured by CDI Corp.
    • RCMT, +40%, 4.10 to 5.44, not going through with deal.
    • Long on RCMT, Short, on CDI.
  9. ADRs of China Finance Online (JRJC:$7.08,00$0.39,005.83%) were up sharply after the company soundly beat first-quarter estimates.
    • JRJC, +10.9%, 7.30 to 8.11, beat Q1 estimates.
    • Long/Short, major break-out territory so I'd be careful either way you choose to play it.
  10. Krispy Kreme (KKD:$3.69, up to 4.1afterhours) Recording Upside Range of 3.75 to High of 4.03 in After-Hours.
    • KKD, +4.6%, 3.69 to 4.03, first-quarter net earnings more than doubled.
    •  Short the early gain, chart shows its weak so people holding are going to want to take profit, although there is some strong upside on the positive earnings.
  11. Washington Mutual Inc's (WAMUQ:$0.1250,$0.0060,5.04%) effort to exit bankruptcy encountered a setback on Thursday when the judge in the case ordered the company to talk further with shareholders about their requests for documents
    • Long Scalp, This could be good for the future of shareholders since they got fucked in the first deal, could be some movement on this stock tomorrow, I say yes.
  12. Hercules Offshore (HERO:$2.92,00$0.29,0011.03%) is up after reports that the CEO bought 30,000 shares while a VP bought 25,000 shares.
    • Price: 2.89, Change: +0.26 , Percent Change: +9.91
    • Companies like this will thrive for 6 months along with the moratorium signed by Pres.
    • Long, wait for a dip, or a big dump and bounce it back to profit land.