Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 15

Milestone Financial Investments LLC - Intra-Day Scalping at its Finest
"I will cut your scalp off and go long after I've covered a short, boomwin"
  • Hang Seng is down .30%, so not much, but still down. We will be down.
  • Nikkei may dip slightly, eyes on Chinese data.
  • What got us into the recession? Houses and Jobs. 
  • What will get us out of the recession? Houses and Jobs.
  • So until the Housing market is fixed by people buying houses which will only happen when they have jobs and banks will lend them money based off of those jobs will we be clear of a double dip recession.
  • We have not done and Job creation, INTC had best Q ever, what did they do? They fired people, consolidated and definitely didn't create jobs, but good move on stock, which is exactly what C has done, consolidated. Be looking out for them on Friday to make a nice earnings report.
  • BP runs crucial test on Gulf oil leak.
  • VVUS' weight-loss drug faces key U.S. test.
  1. Among the companies whose shares are expected to see active trade in Thursday's session are Google Inc. (GOOG:$4.91.336) , J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. (FCS:$9.80,00$0.39,004.14%) whom both have earnings reports due after hours.
  2. PENNY PICK: Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. (TRMPQ:$0.0250,$-0.0810,-76.42%) on Wednesday got the nod from New Jersey gambling regulators to leave bankruptcy owned by its former bondholders, led by Avenue Capital Group.
    • A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge ruled April 12 in favor of a restructuring plan submitted by Trump Entertainment, its bondholders, and Donald J. Trump to maintain control of the casino firm instead of a plan offered by billionaire financier and takeover artist Carl Icahn.
    • Stock is so low, I'd advise just throwing a few hundred in and seeing if it comes back one day, the upside is tremendous.
    • should be out of bankruptcy "within days," said Mark Juliano, chief executive of the company.
  3. Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA:$4.28,00$0.08,001.90%) advanced in after-hours trade after reporting positive trial results for its weight loss treatment Lorcaserin.
    • 4.28 to 4.65
    • A pre-market open Thursday may have legs near 4.50 to 4.60. Sell pressure was fairly aggressive at 4.60 and above tonight so early morning longs may want to look for potential entry points near 4.35 to 4.45, an area that could form as a floor support for bumps back toward 4.50 or above.
  4. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:$36.35, up.63c, up1.76%) advanced in night trade after the Wall Street Journal reported that an FDA panel supported keeping the company's diabetes drug, Avandia, on the market.
    • 36.15 to 37
    • Uptrending for last 10 days+ so off this news I'd expect a pop and continuance.
  5. Shares in Dutch semiconductor-equipment maker ASML Holding NV (ASML:$31.94,00$0.67,002.14%) gained as the company said it will ramp up production in anticipation of a record year for sales after its second-quarter earnings beat expectations. Shares rose 2.1% to $31.94.
    • 31.52 to 32 range ah's.
    • Out of 16 earnings events in the past 3 years 14 of those have recorded upside movement the next day, bad or good news. Good note is that out of the 2 down days after earnings they've occurred more recently then not. 
    • I'm long early on, but for 30 to 50c scalp.
  6. Immucor Inc. (BLUD:$19.00,00$-0.04,00-0.21%) were up in after-hours trading after the company announced CE (Conformite Europeenne) Mark approval for its Human Erythrocyte Antigen (HEA) BeadChip product for molecular immunohematology in vitro diagnostic purposes.
    • 18.98 to 19.24
    • Entry low 19's, with exit upper 19's, based off good news. 10 day chart shows they should move back, although after hours they didn't pop much. Scalp long.
  7. Landstar System Inc.'s (LSTR:$41.47,00$0.06,000.14%) second-quarter profit grew 37% as the trucker posted better-than-expected revenue growth due to strong volumes and pricing, point blank, Q3 guidance straddles Street view.
    • declares 0.05 Dividend 
    • 42.29 to 36.58
    • 5 days shows uptrend, but choppy, with down days, dividend combined with good earnings, but even with good earnings the past 3 years this stock has a tendency to move down after an earnings event. Catch it up in the 40's s/s, with a possible watch on bounce from floor.
  8. OPNET Technologies Inc. (OPNT:$15.89,00$-0.32,00-1.97%) declined in after-hours trade after setting its Q1 guidance below Street expectations. NO VOLUME ON THIS STOCK!
    • 15.91 to 12.98
    • A pre-market open Thursday may have potential near 13.70 to 13.50. Sellers established an early ceiling at 14 to 13.75 that stayed firm through much of the after-hours, levels shorts may want to eye for riding potential weakness into the mid-13s.
  9. Citigroup (C:$4.21, down.09c, down2.09%) Religare to buy part of Citi's India loan ops-report
    • 4.19 to 4.25
    • Earnings Report due Friday after mkt close. 
    • For the last 3 years after every earnings event C has gone down, except for the very last one, which it went up.
  10. Generic drugmaker Mylan Inc (MYL:$17.85,00$0.00,000.00%) said it plans to acquire privately held Bioniche Pharma Holdings Limited for $550 million in cash, to get an access to the North American injectables market.
    • Flat after hours
    • It has tested that $18 many times in the last 2 weeks, if it fails, look for s/s.
  11. Orient Paper, Inc (ONP:$7.1000,$0.0000,0.00%), if shares are available to short, I am keeping both eyes on this one.
  12. Intel (INTC:$21.36,00$0.35,001.67%)
    • Great earnings numbers, they show reversal in after hours moves the next day, which I said they would do, but so tomorrow I will be looking for them to gain some actual strength and be trying to pick a bottom so that I can go Long.
  13.  Delcath Systems, Inc. (DCTH:$8.27,00$0.95,0012.98%)
    •  I've been long on this company ever since they bled dry last week and 2 days ago showed signs of life around 6 dollars. Longed about 1k and traded it about 3 or 4 times, made a few g's.
    • 8.11 to 8.37
    • Looking for small continuance, but more realistically, I bet they pullback.
  14. The Teacher Retirement System of Texas, or TRS, will invest $500 million in mall owner General Growth Properties Inc. (GGP:$14.09) , which is in bankruptcy reorganization, the two entities said Monday. The agreement, subject to bankruptcy court approval, will strengthen General Growth's capital structure when it emerges from Chapter 11 as early as October, they said.
  15. (NOVL:$6.14) = love the prospect of this company getting bot out by IBM or INTC.
I currently own shares of LVS -3500 @ 24.7 and UCO 2k @ 9.77, which I intend to scalp tomorrow.