Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 22

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C. - Intra-Day Scalping at its Finest
"If I told you I was a Scalping-Man, you'd agree."
  • Bernanke says economy prospects "unusually uncertain"
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 1.63 at 1818.93  
  • Netflix revenue lags Street expectations.
    • Barely lagged street expectations coming in 10cents/per share over estimations and 5 million short on revenue as their 15million customer base chose cheaper streaming product.
  • US Senate ends standoff, votes to restore jobless aid.
    • Great, lets give people aid instead of jobs!!
  1. Netflix (NFLX:$119.65,00$-0.74,00-0.61%) tumbled lower in after-hours trade after missing revenue expectations and setting guidance in a range that could miss the Street view.
    •  121.51 to 107.80, 108.74.
    • This stock shot down to 109 and eventually an evening low of 107.8, buyers at these levels were strong, I expect to to gain upside movement tomorrow, long off lows.
  2. F5 Networks (FFIV:$73.11,00$-3.68,00-4.79%) leaped higher in evening trade after reporting better-than-expected results and guidance.
    • 72.76 to 78.68, 77.68
    • This stock shot up and uptrended , pulled back a little for an open around 78, with 79 potential. I'm long this stock, but sellers around 79-80 levels could bring stock back down to 77 area.
  3. Starbucks Corp.'s (SBUX:$25.17,00$-0.60,00-2.33%) fiscal third-quarter earnings jumped 37% on a strong rebound in same-store sales, but the coffee giant's expectations for the next year and a half weren't as optimistic as analysts' views.
    •  25.58 to 24.21, 24.7
    • Shot down to lows and inched its way back up, seems popular with buyers and didn't want to stay on floor for long, I'm short biased around 25, if it pops through and holds, I'd be long.
  4. Qualcomm Inc.'s (QCOM:...) fiscal third-quarter profit rose 4.1% as shipments of its mobile station modem chips increased 10% to a record 103 million units.
    •  35.65 to 38.39, 37.99
    • This stock shot up, then shot up again, before settling around 38, strong report strong stock, Long.
  5. Western Digital Corp (WDC:$30.18,00$-1.67,00-5.24%) gave a quarterly financial forecast that lagged analysts' expectations, citing concerns about slow back-to-school spending and debt worries in Europe.
    •  30.64 to 28.34, 29.16
    • Short, this stock downtrended all day then made it major drop after hours where it pretty much stayed, had little upside to it, if you can short it around 30 great, short the pops.
  6. Baidu Inc (BIDU:$73.31,00$-0.73,00-0.99%) , helped by a surge in new advertisers and lower traffic acquisition costs, is poised to deliver strong results in the coming months following a forecast-beating quarterly performance.
    • 69.52 to 77.38, 75.3.
    • What can I say, GOOG is coming back to China, don't know how the whole thing will play out, I do know this stock made a nice run after hours and should continue that range, but I see sellers on the horizon so I'd long scalp, and be short selling it once it hits above these after hours highs.