Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Aug 3

  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 1.08 at 1,897.91
  • BP aims to 'kill' well as early as Tuesday  
  • U.S. state funding plan stalls in Senate
  • Economic data tomorrow: personal income/spending and auto/truck sales. 
  1. Business process outsourcing company Sykes Enterprises Inc (SYKE:$15.30,00$-0.55,00-3.47%) posted a weak quarterly profit, hurt by lower-than-forecasted client demand, and slashed its full-year view, sending its shares down 31 percent in extended trade.
    • Second-quarter profit dropped 82% on higher acquisition-related costs and lower customer demand.
    • 11 to 10.01
    • drop'd 10, sup 10, made crazy 12k/s pop 15, back to 10.6. 
    • I like the sup at 10, I'm long, with a target 10.5+, but this is real bad news for this co, keep your eyes open and watch for the volume bars. Sup 10 wasn't huge, but was significant, which could indicate a drop lower than 10, calling for s/s.
  2.  Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ:$47.5600,$1.5200,3.30%) has reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice to resolve an investigation into alleged kickbacks paid by computer vendors on government contracts.
    • HP Sees 3Q Charge Of About 2c/Shr For Settlement  
    • 46.04 to 47.78
    • Small pop 47.78, settled quickly 47.55
    • Has seen a significant rise the last 2 days from sup 45.79 & 46.6, res 48, which is where it is now.
    • Hard to tell how this charge will take on stock price, seems small compared to price levels, but we are hitting 48, which is a big res level. 
    • I'm mixed on this news and the fact its hitting this res level, I'm opt to s/s this stock at 48.
  3. Herbalife (HLF:$49.1900,$-0.4500,-0.91%) surged higher in evening trade on the back of blowout Q2 results.
    • Q2 trumps Street; raises 2010 EPS view.  2Q Profit Up 68%.
    • 49.19 to 54.39
    • pop 53.81, uptrend 54.4, got sells settled 54 area, sup 49, res 51.51, its broken out now could come down, but I don't see it, I'm long
    • anything under 53.5 long, target 60+? yes, 60! we'll see.
  4. Cognex (CGNX:$19.24,00$0.59,003.16%) gained in evening action after beating Q2 expectations and setting its Q3 view above Street estimates.
    • 19.23 to 20.79
    • Kinda lower volume on this one, but pop 20.79, had brief dip 19.25, settled at 20.7 area.
    • Low volume could give this a nice run up or have a choppy feel all day, buy dips, sell pops.
  5. Hologic Inc (HOLX:$14.58,00$0.44,003.11%) posted quarterly earnings that beat analysts' estimates as sales in its breast health segment grew by over 8 percent, and the medical diagnostics company also raised its full-year outlook.
    •  14.14 to 15.46
    • Fiscal third-quarter profit fell 11% on acquisition and other charges, which masked revenue growth. 
    • Results topped the company's May projection, leading shares to jump 5.5% to $ 15.38 in after-hours trading.
    • The company also sees current-quarter earnings of about 30 cents a share on revenue of $415 million to $420 million. Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters projected 31 cents and $419 million.
    • pop 15.4, dip 14.5, pop 15.4, dip 14.5, settle 15.4, would indicate choppiness tomorrow. 
    • Crazy, but I would s/s this stock at 15.35 area, profit fell, and rev was a bit lower than should be. 
  6. VeriSign Inc.'s (VRSN:$28.00,00$-0.15,00-0.53%) second-quarter profit climbed 1.7% as the Internet domain-name company reported higher revenue and operating margins, although restructuring costs hurt results.
    • 26.80 to 29.05
    • said Monday that it has until October to decide whether to appeal a significant legal setback affecting its remaining core business to the U.S. Supreme Court, or return to a lower court for trial.
    • pop 29.05, came down 28, sup 27.84, 28.44, res 28.64, 29.06.
    • short at 29, 28.5, target sub 28.
    • reasoning: profit was small, restructuring cost affect and legal probs.
  7. Principal Financial Group (PFG:$26.0800,$0.4700,1.84%) Misses With Q2 Results - Shares Steady at 26.08, reports Q2 operating earnings of $0.63 compared to $0.69 a year earlier and net earnings of $0.42 compared to $0.52 a year earlier. The Street looked for $0.67 a share.
    • Revenue rose to $2.23 billion from $2.16 billion a year earlier and shy of the Street view for $2.38 billion.
    • 26.08 to 25
    • was uptrending until results, dip 25, pop 26, long 25+, I like where this co is headed.
  8. PENNY PICK: Evergreen Solar (ESLR:$0.67,00$0.01,001.52%) reports a Q2 loss of $0.02, down from a loss of $0.11 a year earlier and less than the Thomson Reuters mean analyst estimate for a loss of $0.11.
    • 0.66 to 0.71
    • uptrend pop .72, down .67, sup .65x66, res .72.
    • alot of sup .65, watch for dips below and long that ish! this stock will uptrend tomorrow.
  9. Powerwave Technologies (PWAV:$1.85,00$0.03,001.65%) reports earnings for Q2 were flat. Ex items, EPS would have been $0.02 per share. The Street view was $0.01 a share. Revenue in Q2 is $144.6 million compared to Street view of $146.86.
    • drop trend 1.66, res 1.82
    • kind of flat in earnings, expect teh same in tomorrow, although could get some sup if it dips below 1.65 area.
  10. Vivus (VVUS:$5.74,00$0.08,001.41%) reports Q2 revs of $3.9 mln, down from $14.7 mln in the year ago quarter. Net loss was $0.28 per share, vs. a year ago loss of $0.19 per share. The Street view was revenue of $4 mln and a loss of $0.24 per share.
    • This company is hurting they are going the wrong way and with the advisory panel sayin ixnah on the Qnexa, its future isn't looking too bright, some still have hope though
    • 5.80 to 5.63
    • drop 5.63, sup 5.45, res 5.8
    • I see this s/s coming down to 5 long target, short target 5.5, s/s at 5.8x7x6, etc. 
    • Be careful of people that believe in Qnexa, they are out there.
  11. Sourcefire (FIRE:$21.57,00$0.23,001.08%) will replace ADPT Corp. in the S&P SmallCap 600 index after the close of trading on Wednesday, August 4. NASDAQ is delisting ADPT from the NASDAQ Global Market on or about that date because the company no longer meets listing requirements.
    • 21.56-22.98
    • uptrending till dip, sup 17, resumed, res 19.8, dip sup 18.5, uptrend till now. 
    • good news on replacement and addition to NASDAQ, long within range.
  12. Santarus Inc (SNTS:$2.59,00$0.10,004.02%) posted a better-than-expected quarterly profit, helped by higher product revenue, sending its shares up 12 percent in aftermarket trade.
    • pop 3, sup 2.44, res 2.66
    • ah's range 2.9-2.57
    • Long
  13. Oplink Communications Inc (OPLK:$16.45,00$0.34,002.11%) , which makes products for optical networking, posted fourth-quarter profit that beat Wall Street expectations and forecast a strong first quarter. Shares of the company jumped 13 percent to $18.65 in trading after the bell. They closed at $16.45 Monday on Nasdaq.
    • 16.11 to 18.90
    • kinda low volume, but good news will up kick this puppy into high gear tomorrow. 
    • sup 15.41, res 16.41, breaking out is hard to do, but forcast is key, it stayed at its ah's high, any dips in pre, I'd long it and sell the pops, people may look to take profits on this early.