Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 21 - Thurs

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 3.97 at 2,089.72
  1. NFLX, 162-168
    • solid pop ah's, little sell pressure, has me long on the issue for a push through 170 if luck is a lady. 
    • While the broader historical data offer us some confidence on the long side of NFLX for tomorrow's trade, we're wary of the upside prospects considering the middling performance the issue has demonstrated following evening gains. In addition, NFLX had some difficulty gaining any upside muscle outside of the 161 to 165 area (barring the late second-half push higher), levels where buyers could struggle to lift the stock tomorrow. With that in mind, we would look to play the long side of NFLX early in the day, perhaps targeting entry points near 155 to 161, levels that saw some of the strongest upside momentum tonight and where there could be room to catch bounces into the mid-160s. More risk tolerant longs may want to sit closer to the 161 to 163 area in anticipation of the stock likely starting trade closer to these levels in the morning and possibly stretching to the higher-160s.
  2. EBAY, 27.25-27.65
    • very solid uptrend after hours, looking to long tomorrow.
    • pre-bell open Thursday looks to have some potential between 27.40 and 27.60. EBAY (EBAY:...) favors widening with its share performance over the last seven years, crossing less aggressive next-day percentage closing levels following 12 of 26 after-hours earnings events during those years and widening in the other quarters. In the near term, the stock has narrowed in two and widened in two of the last four quarters. Looking deeper into the performance data, EBAY (EBAY:...) has recorded an after-hours gain in 14 of the 26 quarters we've tracked, and it has seen its gain widen in the same direction in next day trade in eight of those events, or 57% of the time. The historical performance data on EBAY (EBAY:...) is decent, and we're inclined to at least look for some early day enthusiasm in the shares tomorrow. Morning buyers may want to target potential entry points between 27 and 27.45, levels that could set up as a base support for possible bumps back into the mid- to higher-27s.
  3. ADS, 57-60
    • Sell pressure was heavier even though stock pop'd off the 57 floor, a short around 60 would be nice, for more downside, imo.
    • A pre-bell open Thursday looks to have potential in the 59 to 58.50 range. The 60 to 58.50 area held as a consistent ceiling level tonight so early shorts may want to eye this area tomorrow morning as a top that could see some downside drift back toward 58 or below.
  4. XLNX, 25-25.65
    • drop'd down to the low, lot of upside volume, kinda flattened out, like it coming up off the bottom a little more than the short, so long. 
  5. STX, 14.90-15.21
    • made a V shaped move ah's, from 15.21 down to lows and back to 15, on pretty good volume tomorrow should be interesting, i'm mixed since sell pressure was steady, but buys were as well, let market action determine this play out for u.
  6. RHI, ETFC, AMLN, CREE, all partial watches for tomorrow. 
  7. REE this 12.75 area held well today, looking for a move off this level tomorrow.
  8. GGP tomorrow they have a news event, we could see upside from here.  
  9. APSG After this solid upwards pop and how it held well, I'm looking for some continuance tomorrow through 27.  
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