Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 5

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • U.S. stocks fell Monday as investors found little reason for exuberance and appeared ready to wait for earnings season and Friday's key jobs report before making any big moves.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 1.71 at 1977.04.
  1. MOS = 58.79 close, -1.4% after hours %, 59.45-57.25 after hours range
    • reports Q1 sales of $2.2 bln, up from $1.5 bln in the year ago period and ahead of the Street view of $1.958 bln. Earnings were $0.67 per share, up from $0.23 a share a year ago. The Street was at $0.70 per share.
    • On the short side, traders established a tentative ceiling level at 58.88 down to 58, levels that could see weakness back into the high- to mid-57s. On the long side, buyers demonstrated some decent confidence off tonight's lows near 57 up to 57.25, a potential near-term floor support that could see bumps back into the mid- to high-57s.
    • I would play within this range, 57.62-58.41, shorting at the top of this range and longing at the bottom.
  2. CLDX = 3.92, +24.5% ah's, 4.34 - 4.97
    • is higher tonight after Reuters reported that patients with a form of brain cancer treated with a vaccine developed by the company lived nearly as long as those who received radiation and chemotherapy. The brain cancer, glioblastoma, often kills patients with a year, the story said.
    • A pre-market open Tuesday may have potenital near 4.60 to 4.80. Buyers demonstrated some aggressive buying tonight between 4.35 and 4.65, an area where more risk tolerant longs may want to watch for a potential entry point that could see runs back toward the higher 4s.
    • I would be long on this issue,  4.66 is support and held well tonight, while 4.9 is resistance and seems tough to get over although it touched this level twice. Long play tomorrow. the lower you can get the better, but I bet we see $5+.
  3. NEP = Long 6.97, reco from $5, just now seeing incredible uptrend, have seen $9 on this stock in year
  4. VHC = 2 strong of a pop today, should pull to 16. Maybe get lucky and see high 14s
  5. AMCC = I just long'd at 9.54, for swing, looking to see if this will be a reversal, great early catch if so.
  6. MCP = range is the only reason I'm still watching.
  7. XRTX = this is always what I look for, on watchlist for tomorrow.
  8. AUMNI can see this making for a solid short tomorrow.
  9. REE = great range, let this one open up and speak to you. 
  10. CVX = 81.31, +1%, 81.29-82.29
    • Announces Common Share Repurchases Beginning In Fourth Quarter 2010 at a repurchase rate of $500 million to $1 billion a quarter.
    • Not really alot of resistance, its just stopped trading and held its gains after hours, this is a more expensive stock so you have a larger range. I'd be long, this is good news. 
 News is often a good indicator of which stocks will have market action, but you should base your decisions off market action, not the news.

We are getting closer to earnings season, should be a good one this time of year, lotta plays coming up. Keep in mind what economic events are occurring the day your trading. Always look left before you buy a stock.  Some rules to live by.  Are we overbought/oversold? Could I hold this stock for a week on this current play that I am doing, for a day? What are you looking to gain, what are you looking to risk? All important questions...stay solid.