Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Oct 6

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 1.89 at 2,022.74.
  • President Barack Obama on Tuesday accused Republicans of wanting to slash education spending and said this would "unilaterally" disarm the country as it competes with emerging powerhouses China and India.
  • U.S. stocks rallied to a five-month high Tuesday, boosted by encouraging services-sector data and hopes that global central banks will follow Japan's lead in stimulating economic growth.
  • Real solid day everyone, the following stocks the ones with ranges are plays, the ones with charts are watches and possible plays.
  1. EQIX = 105.09, -19.7%, 93.64-77.80
    •  guides for revenue miss.
    • Shorts may want to watch for any return to the 85 to 84 range, levels where some of the strongest downside liquidity of tonight's session moved into the issue and where there may be room to play weakness back into the lower 80s. More risk tolerant shorts may want to sit closer to the 82.50 to 81 range, levels that developed as tentative tops late tonight and an area where the stock is likely to open south of in Wednesday's early trade
    •  really nice downtrend after hours, we should see more downside potential tomorrow.
  2. YUM = 46.80, -.04$, 46.05-46.98
    •  beat EPS, shy rev, lift FY.
    • We're inclined to follow the widening pattern tomorrow and look for a short play on the issue, but we would still be wary as there was some consistent upside liquidity that moved into the shares tonight between 46.25 and 46.50, a potential near-term floor support that could see bumps back up near the flatline or higher. More risk tolerant shorts may want to watch for potential entry points between 46.90 and 46.75, a tentative ceiling level that held tonight and where there may be room to catch some weakness back into the mid-46s.
    • this one tested the upside on it more than the downside, which has me looking rather at the long.
  3. DMND = 42.45, -5.7%, 43.72-39.5
    •  beats EPS, miss sales, guides in line.
    •  got a pop ah's, but steadied down, try to short pops, this may have some upside life in it.
  4. CHSP = 16.9, -4.8%, 16.17-15.84
    • 6.5m share offering 
    • I'm always looking to short these offerings...nothings changed.
  5. TISI = 17.9, +1.4%, 18.1-18.5
    • earnings beat, rev miss.
    •  upside pops were weak, but still there, this low float could get some nice upward moves.
  6. LLNW Solid uptrend, pull'd back from this level after Cramer recommended last time, keep an eye on to see if break 
  7. VHC Great solid uptrend, really over extended, but many say $20, $eyes
  8. HOG Steady ups, kinda flaten'd out around $32, good sup at this level though, another to keep eyes on.
  9. SVNT solid trend up, I feel this is a better short to watch.
  10. SPRD bailed on this one before the break, stupid cuz it got another 50cents, patience is key, $live it
  11. AUMN heck of an alert last night to watch this for the short today, @investorslive really solid call...$always
  12. MCP shorted this one today 29.7 area, the range is ridiculous on this, too low then long, to high then short, $on 
  13. CEVA uptrend today, what tomorrow? we watch and see.
  14. TZOO didn't actually play this today, but should have, exactly what I look for.
  15. AIR these ones that pop midday you have to keep an eye on, while things are slow, this isn't $lull.