Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Nov 2 - Tues.

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 0.72 at 2,127.70
  1. NTRI, +5.5% 
    • longs tomorrow, but we would sound a cautious note on the stock as it did have some trouble breaking a tough ceiling tonight at 20.55 to 20.50 and sellers were active in the issue down to 19.75 late in the evening. With that as a backdrop longs may want to watch for any downside drift back toward 19.50 to 19.75, an area that could see morning interest tomorrow and perhaps generate some upside turns back toward 20. 
  2. WFR, -10%
    • combination of aggressive selling tonight and a strong historical tendency to add to earnings-driven after-hours downside moves in next-day action would have us looking at prospective short plays on WFR tomorrow. Shorts may want to watch for any return to the 11.65 to 11.40 area, levels where sell momentum was vigorous through the first-half of tonight's trade.
  3. CGNX, +7.6%
    • historical tendency to add to evening gains in next-day regular session action opens the door for longs to watch CGNX tomorrow. Early longs may want to target possible entry points surrounding the 28 to 28.50 range, an area that could set up near a potential floor level and possibly see bumps back into the mid- to higher-28s.
  4. WINN, +6.4% 
    • bad earnings have seemed to take over as of late so tonight is a surprise, stock stuck in a downtrend for a while now. Its ah's pop up and steady move down combined with a weak performance over the last few earnings events and a downtrend would have me short on any strength tomorrow with 7.3 standing as tonight ceiling.
  5. SANM, -3.8% 
    • mixed bag of past earnings events with a tendency to reverse off of highs the day after an earnings event would have me short on the issue. 13.18 stood as a top that couldn't be breached tonight, I like going short at 13+ for moves downwards.
  6. ROG, -6.5% 
    • stock showing some signs of strength long term, although it moved down in its turns tonight.  there might be some support on the lows, 31.8, with a possible trend reversal mid-day, but before that I would look to see more drops.
  7. CCUR, -27.4%
    • low float showing some major weakness after hours. not going to break this one down since it is a low float, play at your own risk, could see more drops. although it is in an uptrend longterm the play tomorrow might be to go with the trend until proven otherwise.
  8. SYKE, +3%
    • 17 - 17.4, nice upward pop after hours, low volume, but I like for more upside tomorrw. 
  9. IRWD, +15%
    • up good after hours and soon to apply for market approval in the third quarter of 2011 for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation as well as chronic constipation. 11.87 - 12.3. some strong resistance 11.29 may shut this run down early.
  10. HLF, -1.9%
    • has been ripping upwards for a while now, little sign of weakness maybe good to long some.
  11. OINK if this stock can hold above 6 for a few days, I'm considering longing some before it runs to its 52's.  
  12. CCME been a good trader as of late, one to wach early for runs and short on large moves.  
  13. FIRE FTNT and FIRE both came down today because FTNT isn't selling itself, discrepency, and FIRE went back up.