Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Dec 2 - Thurs.

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 1.55 at 2,161.28
  1. FNSR, +4.4%, 20.97 to 19.75
    • With some decent near-term widening data in place we would look to play the long side of FNSR tomorrow. Early longs may want to watch for potential entry points near 20.18 to 20.60, a range that set up as a floor support this evening and where there may be room to play strength back into the higher 20s.
  2. PSS, +16.4%, 17.58 to 21.52
    • The strong tendency to add to earnings-driven evening gains in next-day trade would have us looking at potential long plays on PSS tomorrow. Early buyers may want to target potential entry points near 20 to 20.50, levels that saw consistent upside liquidity in tonight's trade and an area that could form as a floor support through the early-going Thursday.
  3. ARO, -9%, 27.11 to 24.10
    • Evening indications would suggest ARO records a pre-market open Thursday near 24.50 to 24.25. Sellers established tentative ceiling levels tonight at 25.40 to 25 and at 24.80 to 24.50, levels shorts may want to eye in the early going tomorrow.
  4. JAS, -4.2%, 48.37 to 45.70
    • Very strong tendency to gain after an earnings event, but with news that the FY 2011 will be weak has me mixed on this review. I'm torn between longing after a nice pull since the stock is indicating very bullish signal or shorting the obvious move it will make tomorrow. Stick within the ranges if you play this.
  5. KKD, +1.1%, 6.09 to 6.37 
    • Short term tendency to add to evening gains following an earnings event and company stating good forecast has me long on the issue. Pre market buys at 6.25 area should suffice a move to 6.5 tomorrow if all goes well. 
  6. CBST, +3.6%, 20.98 to 22.33
    • received approval of two min injections, got some pops after hours, should see more upside, although sell pressure was heavy in tonights trade. 
  7. ZUMZ, +0.2% 
    • been stalking this one for a little bit, little bit of a move down to back up, so stayed flat, but "
      Expects web growth to increase substantially next 5-years" so I'd be looking for any weakness tomorrow to long this stock. check that post for initial alert.
  8. SQNM, -6.7%, 6.85 to 6.21
    • I always short these secondary offerings. Looking for entry around 6.4 area. 
  9. SMTC, -4.2%, 24.20 to 22.98 
    •  weak forecast brought this stock down to its knees ah's. Last few reports stock has ripped higher, even after bad forecasts and stock is bullish indications, has me long on the issue, very little sell pressure brought this stock down, see how it reacts to the news tomorrow, but would take alot to break this upward trend, long biased.