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Dallas, Texas


Jan 11 - Tues. "NVDA 1.5B"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 1.06 at 2,285.44
  1. AA, -1.6% 
    • beating Wall Street's Q4 expectations.
    • surged about 35% in the three months leading up to tonight's report, a substantial run that is likely producing some profit-taking in the shares despite solid Street-beating results. Shorts may want to target potential near-term ceiling levels at the 16.35 to 16.25 range, levels that could see downside drift into the lower 16s.
  2. APOL, +5.2% 
    •  posting better-than-expected Q1 results. 
    • Longs may want to target potential entry points tomorrow in the 37.50 to 38 area, levels that could form as a possible floor support and perhaps see some attempts to climb back into the mid- to higher-38s. On the short side, any return to the 39 to 39.50 area would have us looking at potential downside entry points here as sell momentum spiked hard at these levels late tonight.
  3. NVDA, +4%
    • settled a patent dispute that includes $1.5 billion in licensing fees to Nvidia 
    • A pre-market open Tuesday may have potential in the range of 21.17 to 21.60. Despite tonight's upside there was some substantial sell momentum that hit NVDA at 21.60 and above, levels shorts may want to eye if this level again holds tight as a possible ceiling through the early going tomorrow. On the long side, buyers demonstraded some tentative confidence off the 21.20 to 21.40 area, levels that could set up as a near-term floor support Tuesday morning and perhaps see some modest upside bounces from here.
  4. COCO, +3% 
    • lost 5.4 percent to $35.94 but recovered its losses after the bell, following its quarterly results.
    • 4.75 stood as a solid level in ahs', but I"m mixed considering the loss in pre market which was related to STRA, and their 20% loss of enrollment this past quarter, then it gained on its own positive news, so clearly a distinction there. no play pos.
  5. EDMC, +3.4% 
    •  sympathy play related to COCO move, also DV, +2.3%, another and CECO, +2.6%, so basically just keep education stocks on watch, also I like solars such as LDK, JASO, etc.
  6. AMD, -4.2% 
    • Chief Executive Dirk Meyer has resigned
    • I dont play these types of news plays, dont have a good feel for them yet, although looking to expand, which is why I have this on here. 8.75 saw some support, chart shows a strong turnaround, which this may present itself as a good buy opportunity for a long play. 8.3 stood as a strong resistance for a long time, recently broke that, this news does bring a good place to add.
  7. CKSW, -11.3% 
    • weak Q4 view
    • not a lot of vol, stock looking to crack 8 hard in pre most likely, slow fade to mid day, then flat, imo.
  9. JAZZ stock held well after its move up, have some long from high 19's, and an add at 21.2, looking for upside.