Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 12 - Wed. "Lulu do you?"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 1.06 at 2,287.67
  1. LULU, +7.1% 
    • raising its Q4 outlook above its prior guidance and Street estimates.
    • A pre-market open Wednesday may have potential surrounding the 72 mark. Buyers looked relatively confident tonight between 70.81 and 71.80, a potential near-term floor support more risk tolerant early longs may want to watch - and where there may be room to catch some upside tracking back toward 72 or above. We should note that sellers were active at 72 and above so a more definitive ceiling could form at these upper levels tomorrow for shorts to eye.
  2. SNX, +.06%
    • better-than-expected results and guidance.
    • pre-market open Wednesday surrounding the 33.75 level. Buyers established a tentative floor support tonight at 33 up to 33.50, an area longs may want to eye if the stock should again drift down to these levels through the early going tomorrow. More risk tolerant longs may want to sit closer to the 33.50 to 33.75 area in anticipation of this range catching some morning play and the stock perhaps attempting to break more aggressively back into the green.
  3. NVTL, +6.4%
    • Surge in After-Hours After 19% Drop in Regular Session - Up 6.4%
    • Huge drop today may have stopped bleeding, was due to maybe downgrade at boutique firm combined with AAPL/VZ iphone combo.
    • Saw some support at 8.15 after hours and before close, see how it reacts at this level, stock is up 73% from low this year.
  4. AKS - been forming support as of late, look to get into on a long play.
  5. IGOI - will this stock stop, keeps pushing 52's with assault, look for the move over $5.
  6. MBI - some news today on restructuring, look for strength off of 13.5 and under to add long.
  7. VHC - settlement talks with CSCO, only talks now, but if you want to get ahead of the news soon would be the time to.
  8. UCO - oil been getting some play lately, everyone is bullish oil this year.
  9. HDY - continues to be solid and pop up from time to time, keep an eye on it as it held 6.7ish level well.
  10. LDK - I'm long this solar, my favorite one, saw some solid gains late in day, good sector add long.