Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 14 - Fri. "CSTR, Redbox Fail?"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 4.84 at 2,310.37
  1. DANG,
    • AMZN takes a stake in Dangdang, which is the Chinese Amazon. 
    • Didn't do much ah's, but love this move late in the day.
  2. INTC, +2.8% 
    • beating Q4 expectations and setting its Q1 revenue outlook above 
    • Early buyers may want to target potential upside entry points between 21.60 and 21.80, an area likely to see early day interest as traders perhaps make a more vigorous attempt to break to or north of 22. On the short side, the 22 to 21.90 range could have the makings of a tentative near-term ceiling level to watch, but we would move to the sidelines in early Friday action to see if this range in fact pushes back what could be some strong upside tests.
  3. CPIX, +21.2%
    • FDA approved the company's new formulation of Acetadote injection
    •  pre-market open Friday near the 6.60 to 6.90 range. Buyers demonstrated some decent confidence tonight between 6.20 and 6.70, a range that could set up as a near-term floor support Friday morning and perhaps see bumps back into the higher-6s - or make a more pronounced run at the 7 mark.
  4. ARMH, -2.6% 
    • huge rip today due to MSFT optimizing windows for them or something, had a slight pull, I'd reco buying pulls and playing long on proven strength. 
  5. Chipmakers such at AMAT, KLAC, NVLS, all rose off INTC news.
  6. CSTR, -25.3% 
    • slashing its Q4 guidance
    • suspect the 43 to 42 range could set up as a potential ceiling level through the early hours Friday morning, a range shorts may want to eye for any weakness that could again carry it south to 41 to 40, or below.
  7. SHFL, -5.3% 
    •  beats with Q4 results.
    • 11.2 and 10.5 key levels of interest, play within them looking for more bullish indications on this move down in ah's.
  8. LOCM, -8.2%
    • Sell 4 Mln Shares in Offering       
    • Just watch, thing is a mover.
  9. AKS, NVDA, JAZZ, SODA, IGOI, APKT, LDK, MIPS, JOE, VHC, OVTI, LEDS, MBI. I'll be scanning all day looking for plays off these as well.