Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 28 - Fri. "Amazon, damn I'm on"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 8.38 at 2,321.69
  1. THOR, -10% 
    •  56% climb in fourth-quarter earnings, but issued guidance for slower growth 
    • sup at 22.5, res at 23.5, stock came a tumbling down from 26 to a low of 22.5 and bounced up to 23.5 where it held flat in night trade, look for perks below or above to determine how you want to play this on in pre.
  2. MWW, -8% 
    •  disappointing results and guidance
    • pre-bell open Friday may have potential near the 19.25 to 18.75 area. A potential ceiling level developed tonight at 20 to 19.25, an area shorts may want to eye for riding possible weakness back into the lower-19s. More risk tolerant shorts may want to peg possible entry points closer to the 19.25 to 19 area as this level stood as a tentative ceiling late in tonight's after-hours
  3. PMCS, -14.4%
    •  Q4 EPS came in just shy of the Street view
    • Shorts may want to watch for a possible ceiling to develop near 8.20 to 8.00, an area that held as a top through much of tonight's trade. We would issue one note of caution tonight as buyers grew more aggressive late in the evening in the mid- to high-7s and perhaps could make a more aggressive upside run at the 8.00 mark through the early going tomorrow
  4. AMZN, -8.7% 
    •  shy on Q4 sales and setting revenue guidance that straddled the Street view
    • Shorts may want to target potential short entry points in the 172 to 169 range, levels that could set up as a near-term ceiling. On the long side, buyers looked most confident tonight off the lows near 165 to 166, a potential near-term floor support to watch
    • I will most likely be long.
  5. CRUS, flat
    • monster move today on the back of good earnings
    • held tight in ah's at 21.3, be looking for any pulls to get long on this beast alot of upside from here, considering no over head, 25 next mark.
  6. QCOM, below 55
    • stock had some solid upticks today, held just below where I'd like to add at 55, be looking for strength above that mark to get some long pops on this issue tomorrow.
  7. CCME, 23ish
    • shorts got squeezed so hard on this stock today you could of made lemonade with their positions. you probably got some that held through the fire today any strength tomorrow could bring about another squeeze. mind you're p's and q's with this one, it is chinese. 
  8. APKT, small dips in ah's
    • this one beast mode today, looking for it to continue into tomorrow. 
  9. GRM, n/a
    • has made a ridiculous run last week+, showed some flatness today at 17.7, with some ticks up and some ticks below, still could be a good short, priming for it. Just keep ur eyes peeled for weakness with this one, I'm short from 17.68.
  10. IGOI, rest
    • lil break today, but I like it for a move back above 4 very soon, get long for a swing.