Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan - 27 Thurs. "NFLX earns top spot"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Up 8.48 at 2,322.67
  1. NFLX, +8.7%
    • better-than-expected results and guidance
    • short squeeze in the making tonight, would have us looking at potential long plays on NFLX Thursday. Early buyers may want to target possible upside entry points between 195 and 198, an area that could set up as a near-term floor support early tomorrow as the stock perhaps makes another run at the 200 mark. More risk tolerant longs may want to sit closer to the 198 to 200 area in anticipation of this level perhaps setting up as a starting point in morning action and the stock possibly making deeper runs north into the low-200s
  2. SBUX, -2.6% 
    • topping Q1 estimates but setting its FY 2011 EPS guidance in a range below current Street expectations.
    • risk tolerant longs may want to watch for potential entry points between tonight's low of 31.81 up to 32.25, a possible near-term base support that could see some upside turns into the mid-32s. On the short side, there was a tentative ceiling that developed tonight at 32.50 to 32.40, an area shorts may want to eye through the early-going to see if holds against any upside tests.
  3. QCOM, +5.7%
    • better-than-expected results and guidance
    • tendency to add to evening gains in next-day trade and pull for a long play on the issue tomorrow. Early longs may want to target potential entry points between 53.50 and 54.50, an area where buy momentum was steady tonight and where there may be room to perhaps again test the 55 mark. More risk tolerant longs may want to boost the entry to the 54.50 to 54.75 area as the stock did see some late evening strength up here.
  4. SYMC, +3.2%
    • beating Q2 estimates and setting its guidance mostly above the Street view
    • longer-term widening data is positive for longs tomorrow, the stock's trouble in adding to evening upside moves would have us looking at playing the issue early tomorrow and perhaps looking at a quick exit if the stock struggles to find added support. Early longs may want to target possible entry points between 18.10 and 18.25, an area that saw consistent buy momentum tonight and where there may be room to catch some upside pops back into the mid-18s.
  5. ETFC, -2.5%
    • bounced off of 15 pretty solidly and held, look for that again and flat reverse.
  6. AMLN, +4.4%
    •  popped up to 16, saw some resistance there, look for it to retest and hope we get a move through.
  7. LDK, -2.5%
    • selling 12 million new shares       
    • my fav solar, I'm going to get long on this stock tomorrow on lows. stock hit 12.5ish, but looks like it will break down this level more so.
  8. QTM, -22%
    • 3Q Profit Up 26% short of est.
    • mite could get a reversal on this one tomorrow as ah's trade saw some solid support at 2.75 area.
  9. CPWM - I'm long from 8.63 today, stock looks weak, was hoping today would be the day it gave up 8, but very soon I suspect. Technical Mockup
  10. MBI take a look at the base man, she's the only one I got, la la la laaaa. Chart MBI yo
  11. IGOI - really looking decent now after its drop from $5, we should be headed back if we can clear $4 again, will be a big hurdle, I am long today, on this suspection, from 3.79
    • stock has some resistance here 3.8 to 4, but if we can clear, may take a sec, should see $5 fast, suckaz. IGOI sexy