Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Jan 4 - Tues. "Bearish Sentiment Hints"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 1.15 at 2,253.08
  1. NLY, -1.7%, 17.6-17.5
    • plans to sell 75 million shares 
    • After-hours indications would suggest NLY records a potential pre-market open Tuesday surrounding the 17.55 mark. Buyers were active tonight off the lows of 17.48 up to 17.52, a potential near-term floor support for more risk tolerant longs. On the short side, the 17.66 to 17.60 area developed as a possible ceiling level through the first-half of tonight's trade, levels shorts may want to eye if the stock should again have trouble pushing through this top early tomorrow.
    • After a large drop from the 18 area stock got into a tight range, be looking for testing of each level and a possible move in either direction depending.
  2. ORS, +35%, .18-.24
    • Comments on Anticipated 2010 Sales, Notes Small Profit for Q4       
    • Penny play may get some action because of large move in tonights trade, make sure volume is there.
  3. RPC, +8.5%, 1.25-1.41
    • up between 1.30 and a high of 1.41 in after-hours trade, adding to a nearly 28% gain posted in today's regular session. After-hours volume is consistent tonight. No corporate specific news behind the gains in both sessions. Price: 1.40, Change: +0.11, Percent Change: +8.5
  4. CRUS Stuck in this tight range, be looking at early for a move higher.
  5. APKT Very strong today, looking for a push over 52's very soon. 
  6. JASO solars were in play early today, wondering if they get it again tomorrow, if so this was one that could go. 
  7.  Rare Earths still in play: MCP, REE, SHZ, HOKU, XING, AVL, etc.