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Feb 16 - Thurs. "NTAP bend back & rescind that"

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  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 3.29 at 2,394.65
  1. NTAP, -3.8%
    •  Q4 earnings outlook below expectations
    • Longs may want to target potential entry points off the 54.50 to 55 area, a base support that held through the mid-session of Wednesday's night trade. It's likely, however, that NTAP starts the day at higher levels, opening the door for more risk tolerant longs to test the waters closer to the 55 to 56 area
  2. NVDA, -2.5%
    •  beating Q4 EPS estimates and posting revenue just under expectations
    •  Shorts may want to watch for potential entry points at 23.40 down to 22.80, a tentative top that developed through the mid-session and second-half of tonight's trade. More risk tolerant shorts may want to sit closer to the 22.80 to 22.60 range as this area held as a potential top through the late evening of Wednesday's trade
  3. CLF, +9.5%
    •  ripped higher and steadied at 102 looking for moves into 105 terriroty early on.
  4. CBS +1.8%
    • beating Q4 earnings estimates
    • The strong trend to add to after-hours gains in next-day action would have us looking at potential long plays on CBS Thursday. Early buyers may want to target possible entry points at the 22.20 level up to 22.40, an area that could see upside bumps back into the mid- to higher-22s
  5. KV-A nice trend, should retest highes of 8.6ish and 9 from premarket soon.
  6. LQMT rumor that it could be used in AAPL laptops instead of iphones.
  7. TSLA hoping this electric car maker can push 25 soon.