Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 18 - Fri. "The ARUN run run, the do run run"

  1. ARUN, +7.7%
    • beast mode ah's, looking for it to blow passed nightly resistance at 29
  2. BRCD, +4.3% 
    •  topping Q1 expectations
    •  Buyers were most aggressive tonight between 6.10 and 6.20, an area that could form as a near-term floor support through the early-going Friday and perhaps see some bumps back into the 6.20s, or again retest the 6.30 mark
  3. BCSI, -8.6%
    • missing Q3 expectations and setting its Q4 guidance mostly below the Street view
    • shorts may want to target potential entry points between 28.50 and 27.75, an area that held as a steady ceiling level through the mid-session and second-half of Thursday night's trade
  4. SPWRA, +6.7%
    •  topping Q4 estimates
    •  buyers may want to peg possible entry points between 18 and 18.50, an area that could serve as a near-term base support through early day trade and perhaps see some lift back into the 18.50 to 18.75 area.
  5. NVDA breaking down barriers today, peeps want to believe, looking for 52's push @ 26.17 tomorrow. 
  6. KV.A I got above 8.3 res and held, I took some long 8.5, looking for 9. Lets go.
  7. AKS been telling peeps to get long on this stock for a month now, huge gain today, no over breaking out of a base 
  8. INFN nice sideways action after a solid move up, could move higher 8.8 is resistance.
  9. NANO broke out above some resistance today & tested teh water at 20, should push soon.