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Feb 2 - Wed. "Acme Packet exactly immaculate"

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  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 3.80 at 2,321.15
  1. MTW base break out, classic set up, pushed through, look higher. 1 year old res 16.75ish area, over that now.
    • Taking a second look at this mover, looks very bullish, I will be looking to get long 2moro.  
  2. INFN stock is holding right where I'd want to add, so it can close this gap, my fav stock to watch tomorrow.  
  3. TA Great mover, like XOMA, and just like XOMA I will gamble with the short soon. Missed today as it pulled early. 
  4. APKT, +2.8%
    • better-than-expected results and guidance
    • looking at potential upside plays in APKT tomorrow. Morning longs may want to target possible entry points near 57 to 58, a range that could hold as a potential bottom support that could see lift back into the low- to mid-58s.
  5. BRCM, -5.8%, 
    • topping Q4 revenue estimates and setting guidance in a range that surrounds the Street view
    • longer-term reversal pattern gives us some pause on the short side of BRCM tomorrow, but we suspect the stock could stay firm in the red through the early going Wednesday so early shorts may want to watch for a potential ceiling level at 44.75 to 44, an area where selling was consistent tonight. More risk tolerant shorts may want to sit closer to the 44 to 43.75 range as sell pressure picked up late tonight in this area.
  6. ERTS, +9.3%
    • beating earnings expectations and setting its guidance in a range that straddled the Street view
    • long plays on ERTS Wednesday morning. Longs may want to target potential entry points between 16.80 and 17, an area that could set up as a near-term floor level early tomorrow as the stock perhaps makes more aggressive runs north of 17.
  7. KTCC, -21% 
    •  Q2 Results up Over Year Ago Levels, Q3 Earnings Seen Sequentially Lower
    • drop'd ah's to 4.6ish and bounced, saw some resistance at 5, looking for a bounce/reversal tomorrow off same area in ah's trade that got buy interest 4.5ish. 
  8. BGP, -17% 
    • may file for bankruptcy this month
    • I've been saying get short on this stock since 3 bucks back in April/May, so if you took the trade congrats.
  9. JAZZ stock is undecided, but I"m short biased, called for short in chat at 23, looking for early gap down cover. 
  10. ARMH stock was beasting today, 28 is 52's looking to get hit soon. 
  11. CRUS stock is slowly uptrending heading towards 52's. Soon my friends, soon.
  12. REDF lil perk, w/ higher low, no res till 7.15ish area, see if it can hold.  
  13. CCME slowly funneling down after Citron bashed then, they are to go on the defense soon. CCME Defensive Article "You Hear it Now"  
  14. Watches:
    • GRM - short biased on anything above 18, losing interest in this stock though.
    • MWW - long biased from 14.5x15.5 area for entry.
  15. RIMM This "W" bottom formation is bullish. Although news that thier "tablet is D.O.A" is looming.
  16. "Wedge Partners out very negative on RIMM – calling the RIMM playbook “dead on arrival.” No native email or calendar, needs to be tethered to existing blackberry device for email. and NO applications (developers just recevied the developers kit).