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  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 0.84 at 2,320.25
  1. REE Bullish flash today, should be good for 2.5 more points. I'm going to get long on this stock on any type of weakness very soon, possibly tomorrow. Follow me down till you see all my dreams.
  2. SGI, +18.4%
    • blowing past Q2 expectations and raising its FY 2011 guidance
    • strong widening pattern in place following evening upside moves we would look to play the long side of SGI Thursday. Early buyers may want to linger near the 12 to 12.70 area, levels that held as a tentative bottom support through tonight's trade.
    • 13 stood as a temporary resistance level, which I like for a move through tomorrow.
  3. EEE this beast should continue, people want this to get up to $5 now. if you build it they will come.
  4. THQI, -12%
    • issues mixed Q3 results, guides below Street
    • Saw some solid support at 5.6 after its big drop from 6.4ish area, guiding below the street is always dangerous on a possible reversal so I'd look to play this short on pops above its ah's support.
  5. GMCR, +14.3% 
    • improved year-over-year Q1 results and setting its guidance above the Street view
    • longs may want to target potential entry points near 36.50 to 37, an area where buy momentum was consistent tonight. It's likely, however, that GMCR starts the day well north of this area so more risk tolerant longs may want to goose the entry closer to 37 to 37.50 in anticipation of a possible morning base forming here and perhaps the stock attempting to make a run at fresh near-term highs
    • I'll be looking to get long on this stock tomorrow, tomorrow I'll buy this stock tomorrow, I'm only a day away.
  6. HIG, +4.2% 
    • beating Q4 expectations
    • watch what looked like some confident buying rolling into the issue at 28.80 to 29, an area longs may want to watch as a possible near-term floor support that could see bumps back into the lower 29s
  7. VHC nice pick @stockhawk lks good hr, for higher prices, could capture 1 full point. 15 large resistance, then 20
    • SFLY, +16.9%
      •  Shutterfly Q4 profit beats Street and sees less of a loss in Q1 than previously estimated. 
      •  Pop from 38 to test 41 and pulled back off of 41 as it was seen as a difficult resistance to push in ah's. 
      • I personally like Shutterfly as a company and would play this low float long only if you can snag below 40 early on.
    • YUM, +2.5%
      • 4Q Net Jumps 27% On Higher Revenue       
      • nice solid move up to 49, but 49 stood as a tough cookie to crack so I would short any strong pops above 49 area and look for a downtrend tomorrow to ride into profit ville. 
    • MWW flat, but a break above 16x16.15ish could prove bullish, seems to be getting support here.
    • MTW Good long base, should give us another day of ups, I like to test 19. 
      • this stock looks so good, little gain tomorrow, followed by some resting/pulls, which is where you should add long. 
    • CRUS Called this one days ago, I dont know how you dont make money following me. Easy traders, NVDA, MTW where u at?
    • UIS straight uptrend, and final stock I'm alerting to watch for tomorrow, have a great night.