Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Feb 23 - Wed. "Market Gloom"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  1. HPQ, -11.7% 
    • can't ask for much better historical data supporting added downside in Wednesday's regular session, so we would lean heavy on the short side Wednesday morning. Early traders may want to look for potential entry points at 43 to 42.50, an area that could see negative swings into the lower 40s or high 30s
  2. SATC, -18% 
    • developed a hard top tonight at 4.10 to 4.00, an area for shorts to watch, especially considering the stock's consistent tendency to add to after-hours declines in next-day trade
  3. CHK, -1.5% 
    •  had a nice pop off 32, but consolidated back towards 32.
  4. SATC, -16.5%
    •  came down from close and dipped below 4 and then became steady.
  5. TVIX - the VIX on roids.