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Feb 4 - Fri. "CCME betta see see me"

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  • Nasdaq-100 After Hours Indicator Down 0.94 at 2,322.13
  1. SIMG, +9.8%
    • Stock shot up a full point from 7.6's close, touching ah's high of 8.6 twice, where we find resistance, although we did, I suspect a push through 8.6 towards the 9 mark. Keep in mind the moves in night trade were on lighter volume.
    • tweet - up to 8.6 in ah's on light volume, due to some resistance at this level the pop could be short lived
  2. CSTR, -8.5%
    • shy of Q4 revenue estimates and meeting earnings expectations
    • Shorts may want to target potential entry points near 40.70 to 40.30, an area that held as a ceiling through the bulk of Thursday's after-hours trade and where there may be room to catch downside swings back toward 40 or below
  3. PWER, -22.7% 
    • stock dropped to an ah's low of 9, before gaining some support levels at 9ish and reversing, predict the stock to be down most of the day eventually reversing off of possibly 9.
    • Some 3 month old support at 8.3, should hold.
  4. JDSU, +18.2% 
    • better-than-expected results and guidance
    • buyers may want to target potential entry points between 20.85 and 21.15, an area where buy liquidity was aggressive tonight and where there may be room to catch upside swings back toward tonight's highs in the mid-21s
  5. LVS, -6.3%
    • topping Q4 earnings estimates and meeting revenue expectations
    • ceiling tonight at 48 to 47 and a consistent tendency to add to earnings-driven after-hours declines would have us looking at potential short plays in LVS on Friday. Shorts may want to target potential entry points between 47.50 and 47.15, an area that stood as a top through the late first-half and second-half of evening trade
  6. TA Stock is ridiculous, similar to XOMA run, shorts getting squeezed hard, .50 pop last 5 seconds of the day.
  7. ABMD Hard to determine where this one will go, but should retest intraday high @ 12.75ish. 
  8. CCME Major weakness attributed to fraud expose from Citron & MuddyWaters, RINO got halt'd for 2 wks last time.  
  9. MTW start watching for breaks below support, could set up for a good short term short sell.