Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 1 - Fri. "My Bullets Whistle Like..."

Milestone Investments LLC
  1. KKD 
    • limited historical data on the downside doesn't have us fully committed to following a reversal pattern in the shares tomorrow, but there was some decent enough upside liquidity flowing into KKD tonight to, at the least, perhaps test the waters in the shares near the lows of 6.00 up to 6.20 - a range that could see lift back toward 6.30. On the short side, sellers were most aggressive Thursday night at 6.66 to 6.50, a possible near-term ceiling level to watch.
  2. XRTX 
    • pre-market open Friday may have potential in the 10.40 to 10.20 area, rather strong tendency of XRTX to cut its downside momentum in next-day trade would have us looking at plays on both sides of the shares through the early going, but still a bit cautious in following the narrowing trend as there was some significant selling in the shares at lower levels Thursday night. Early shorts may want to linger up near the higher 10s, perhaps closer to 10.90 to 10.60, an area where a potential near-term top could develop. On the long side, buyers attempted to hold a floor at 10.10 up to 10.30, a possible bottom support that could see some early day lift back toward 10.40 to 10.50.
  3. OMER: -38%; Phase 3 Program Does Not Meet Pre-Specified Endpoints
  4. UTEK - big move today, looking for weakness to short into.
  5. MAKO - strong as heck today, played it long most of the day, shorted some scalps on big moves.
  6. VHC - squeezed me again today, mofukr, was weak into close. 
  7. NVAX - talking bout h1n1 virus going around again.