Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 31 - Thurs. "Insider Trading At Berkshire"

Milestone Finances LLC
  1. MAKO
    • received a binding commitment for the establishment of 11 new MAKOplasty sites.
    • pre-market open Thursday may have potential in the 23.25 to 23.90 range. Buyers pushed in some of their strongest buy support tonight between 22 and 23, a potential floor support for longs to watch, risk tolerant longs may want to sit closer to the 23 to 23.50 area, levels that could form as a tentative early-day bottom support and possibly see strength back into the higher 23s.
  2. MOS: -2.7%; beats with Q3 earnings but revenue misses.
  3. BRKB - Dave Sokol Resigns and buys shares of Lubrizol prior to Berkshire acquisition! Shares are down after hours.
    • Buffet said, "In our first talk about Lubrizol, Dave mentioned that he owned stock in the company. It was a passing remark and I did not ask him about the date of his purchase or the extent of his holdings. Shortly before I left for Asia on March 19, I learned that Dave first purchased 2,300 shares of Lubrizol on December 14, which he then sold on December 21. Subsequently, on January 5, 6 and 7, he bought 96,060 shares pursuant to a 100,000-share order he had placed with a $104 per share limit price. Dave's purchases were made before he had discussed Lubrizol with me and with no knowledge of how I might react to his idea. In addition, of course, he did not know what Lubrizol's reaction would be if I developed an interest."
  4. DIET
    • year-over-year improvement in its Q4 results
    • pre-market open Thursday may have potential in the 0.73 to 0.80 area. Buyers were most active tonight between 0.70 and 0.77, an area more risk tolerant longs may want to eye as a possible early day floor that could see bumps back into the higher 0.70s, or perhaps make another run at 0.80 or above
  5. THM - told it is going to be on Cramer tonight.
  6. CIGX - set a new 52 week high, 4.2, looking to see if it holds. 
  7. QIHU - ipo came out today and rocketed upwards. 
  8. VHC - great short play mid-day.
  9. ABAT - to refute negative claims i a PR piece out 2moro. 
  10. OXM - up huge from e/r
  11. KV.A - generic drug at a fraction of the price hurting them.
  12. VRX - the deal to acquire CEPH should help them out considerably. 
  13. TIBX - close to 52's, 26.99, should push through tomorrow. 
  14. ALZM - squeezed the orange juice out of peeps today and many took overnight for one or two final days of runs.