Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 11 - Fri. "Friday My Way or the Highway"

Milestone Financial Investments LLC
  1. ARO -6.8%
    • better-than-expected Q4 sales but also issuing guidance below estimates.
    • modest widening trend in place in ARO shares may offer shorts an opportunity to catch more downside in the shares Friday. Sellers were most active tonight in the 23.92 to 23 area, levels where a potential top could form for possible dips back into the high- to mid-22s
  2. ENER -24%
    • tumbled lower in after-hours trade after the company said that changes in French and Italian solar incentives are going to impact its business and force it to reconsider its near-term financial outlook.
    • dropped through the 2.86 mark to 2.42 before steadying in a negative range between 2.50 and a late low of 2.34 through the bulk of its after-hours trade. A pre-market open Friday may have potential surrounding the 2.40 level. Buyers were active off the lows tonight, but the 2.59 to 2.50 area stood as a tough ceiling. Shorts may want to eye this area through the early going tomorrow as it may have enough muscle to push upside turns back toward the 2.40 to 2.30 range
  3. JMBA - After-Hours Declines Following Q4 Report - Shares Now Off 9.1%
  4. CLNE -  Holding Upside Range of 13.10 to High of 13.75 in After-Hours  
    •  Looks like it should get higher tomorrow on the back of Better-than-Expected Q4 Results      
  5. STLD: +2%; guides in range that straddles Street view.
  6. NSM: -1.1%; meets with earnings and misses with sales; guides for sequential revenue gain.
  7. In Play today:
    • ATRN - took some long early on for a solid gain, made my real money when I took them short.
    • GMCR - played them long a few too many times, the panic during lunch pushed me out of a position and erased all my gains.
    • HGSI - got faked out on a hod push so many times that I eventually took this one of for a loss, but what can you do, gota play the chart.
    • NLST - didn't play this, but was an awesome mover, looking into tomorrow.
    • SMTC - scalped it up, scalped it down, was a nice range today, from earnings.