Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 15 - Tues. "Bullish Eod"

Milestone Financial Investments LLC
  1. ZAGG, -3.8%
    • reports Q4 revenue of $29.3 mln, better than the analyst consensus of $21 mln on
    • bouncing around after hours 6.6 lows, and finished flat from close. Looking to possibly play this one short depending on how its looking tomorrow.
  2. IPXL, +11.7%
    • phase 3 Parkinson's disease study met its primary endpoint.
    • Spiked to an early after-hours high of 25.61 before dropping back to hold plus-side levels between 23.75 and 25 through the bulk of its evening trade. A pre-market open Tuesday may have potential in the 24.27 to 24.85 range. Buyers looked confident tonight between 23.75 and 24.50, an area longs may want to watch as a potential base support that could see bumps back into the mid- to higher-24s.
  3. HEK, +7%
    • reporting a sharp year-over-year rise in Q4 revenue
    • climbed from 5.70 to a high of 6.05 through the early first-half of night trade. It steadied between 5.96 and 6.04 into the late first-half. Volume thinned out considerably into the mid-session, and the stock didn't catch much action into the second-half. A pre-bell open Tuesday looks to have legs near 5.90 to 6.00. Despite the drop-off in volume interest tonight, buyers were aggressive early tonight at 5.70 up to 5.90, a possible floor support for more risk tolerant longs to watch.
  4. ATML - such a long drop, I took some April 14 calls.
  5. CIGX - radiation drug, ie, Japan.
  6. ALZM - penny p&d, save it, should come on strong in future.
  7. YOKU - big run towards eod on friday.
  8. WFR - 13.63, RGEN - pos data news. 
  9. NDAQ & NYX = Nasdaq to make "hostile bid" for them.
  10. YGE, LDK, KV.A, LNG.
  11. LZ - to be aquired by BRKB
  12. OGXI - confirmed CELG may buy for 25-28, TEVA has a sig stake. 
  13. LNG - pop'd to 8.16, where has resistance, held 7.95, closed strong, up ah's should push 8.75 hit held the other day a move above could potentially see 52's.
  14. SPPI - 7.99, very close to 52's
  15. SHAW - down big, made a reversal mid-day. 
  16. LVS - under $40, cheap for them.