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Mar 16 - Wed. "Japan Jaded"

Milestone Financial Investments LLC
  1. ORCC, -20.3%
    • missing Q4 earnings expectations, setting mixed guidance and noting it is terminating its evaluation of potential business combinations.
    • strong reversal pattern in place on evening downside moves gives us some pause on the short side of ORCC Wednesday. However, considering some rather weighty downside liquidity that hit the issue through Tuesday's night trade, we're inclined to at least look for a potential short plays through the early going Wednesday. Shorts may want to watch for a possible near-term ceiling level between 5.20 and 4.80, an area where downside volume was aggressive through much of the after-hours session
  2. RMBS, +5.7%
    •  renewed its patent license agreement with Toshiba
    •  spiked to a first-half after-hours high of 20.79 before dropping back to maintain a plus-side range of 19.66 to 20.18 through the bulk of its evening trade. A pre-market open Wednesday may have potential in the 19.70 to 20 range. Buyers were most active tonight between 19.66 and 19.92, an area that could form as a near-term floor support for longs to watch through the early going Wednesday and perhaps catch some upside turns back toward the 20 mark or above.
  3. PSUN, -7.6%
    •  disappointing results and guidance
    • tendency to add to evening declines in next-day trade may bode well for shorts Wednesday, but we would still be cautious on the short side as there was some decent upside liquidity that pushed into the shares Tuesday night, which may indicate the potential for a near-term floor support off the 3.85 to 3.95 area. More risk tolerant longs may want to eye this possible bottom level through the early going Wednesday. On the short side, traders may want to move to the sidelines in morning trade until a more defined ceiling develops, perhaps in the lower 4.00s.
  4. PANL, +8.7%
    •  fourth-quarter loss widened on a stock-warrant liability loss, but the company posted a much slimmer operating loss and its revenue more than doubled to beat the consensus estimate.
    • This light volume stock pushed up over 41 in ah's tonight, looking for some similar trending tomorrow. 
  5. VRA, +7.1%
    •  Better-than-Expected Q4 Results
    • Some selling after this good news made it choppy in night trade, looking to get short on the top of the range 37ish.
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