Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 17 - Thurs. "GODZILLA!"

Milestone Financial Investments LLC
  1. PEGA, -8.2%
    • weaker-than-expected results and guidance
    • pre-bell open Thursday may have potential near the 30.25 to 29.50 range. PEGA has recorded an earnings-driven after-hours decline in 2 of the last 15 quarters tracked, It once widened in the same direction in the following day's regular session, and narrowed its move in the other event. The mixed, and rather thin historical data doesn't offer us much directional influence so we would look to play the issue within the ranges recorded Wednesday night. The 30.50 to 30 area set up as a tentative top through the after-hours, a possible ceiling level for shorts to watch. Buyers did pick up some decent momentum off the 28.84 area up to 29.50, a possible floor support for longs to ponder if it holds through the early going Thursday.
    • Stock has some longer term support at 32.5, then 32, so even though in ah's tonight it is below that mark, it could possibly reverse and get back above support, if not, we get big move down, possibly 29.
  2. GES, -5%
    • beating Q4 expectations and announcing a stock buy back but also setting its guidance below Street estimates.
    • pre-market open Thursday may have potential near 42 to 41.50, stock has added to its earnings-driven extended-hours trade in next-day regular session action in seven of the last 10 quarters. On the downside, however, the data slightly favors a reversal pattern. GES has recorded an earnings-driven after-hours decline in three of the 10 quarters tracked in our database. In two of those events the stock reversed its negative trade in the following day's regular session. The reversal pattern in place, combined with some strong upside liquidity flow in the shares tonight between 39.11 and 41.50 may open the door for more risk tolerant longs to test the waters on GES. It's a wide range, so longs may want to be cautious at the top end, and perhaps look for any drift back toward 39 to 41, an area where a possible floor support could form based on tonight's trade.
    • Stock has some love at 42, which I expect to hold and get a move higher.
  3. In Play Today: - Keep in mind I was at meetings all day today.
    • ACI - called this one wrong today long, I dont know why I was trying to fight the bearish mkt today, never should, weak day, short weakness.
    • LVS - has been up last few days, Japan messing the whole mkt up though, everyone bracing for total loss as fukushima. fyi, I like this stock long at 35ish.
    • SHAW & CCJ - great calls in chat, short.
    • AXK - been popping up on radar lately, added to watch list today.
    • EWJ - if you want some exposure to Japan during this crisis time, this etf will do it for ya.
    • VRA - took some short on strength today, losing right now, but I guess we'll see, stock is undecided as of yet, e/r was good though.
  4.  Tokyo Electric is responsible for the Fukushima Plant.