Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 22 - Tues. "Bulls ride again"

Milestone Financial Investments LLC
  1. CIM, -1.6%
    • Q1 dividend of $0.14 per share
    • pre-market open Tuesday may have potential in the 4.21 to 4.19 area. Buyers were aggressive off tonight's low of 4.17 up to 4.20, a potential base support more risk tolerant longs may want to eye and where there may be room to catch some upside turns back toward the lower- to mid-4.20s.
  2. AGNC, -1.8%
    • plans to sell 27 million shares in a public offering.
    • pre-bell open Tuesday may have potential near 28.55 to 28.40. Sellers were aggressive tonight off the 28.73 to 28.60 area, a possible ceiling level for shorts to eye and where there may be room to catch some downside drift back into the mid- to lower-28s.
  3. CP, -4.1%
    • Warns Winter Weather to Impact Q1 Earnings 
  4. PRAN, +11.1%
    • company said new data were published on the ability of its drug, PBT2, to repair the damage in an Alzheimer's affected brain thereby facilitating the restoration of cognition in Alzheimer's Disease.
  5. LVS - nice strong upwards move today testing 39 might be trying to reverse.
  6. JAZZ - tried to run up over 30 today, which is 52's, short biased, but thing is strong. 
  7. FFIV - maybe get long soon, needs to come down a bit more.
  8. PESI - nuclear cleanup stock about to do well, I'm told.
  9. AEN - ran towards the eod, related to Alzheimer. 
  10. GIGM - the Gambling Bill would permit Internet wagering with federally-licensed operators.  
  11. FTK - got jiggy over 7.17, which was it break out point, if u can add there, do so.