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Mar 3 - Thurs. "EGLE is regal, ZUMZ booms"

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  1. EGLE, +4.5% 
    • better-than-expected Q4 results
    • Buyers pushed in some consistent upside support tonight off the 4.10 to 4.18 range, a possible bottom support for longs to eye early tomorrow that could catch some pops back into the lower- to mid-4.20s
  2. ZUMZ, +4.9%
    • comparable store sales increased 12.8%
    • Buyers looked most confident tonight between 27 and 27.20, a potential near-term floor support for longs to watch early Thursday and perhaps catch some bounces back into the mid-27s
  3. LEI, +6.3%
    • Hilcorp Energy Co's Hagen EF No.2H Eagle Ford horizontal well has been fracture stimulated, completed, and tested, this news helped it add to its 80% gains in reg market hours ahs.
    • you can't pass up this kind of strength, just use you're stops and dont get in over you're head, but if you just get in a take a shot, u wouldn't of lost today, just cause it made a huge gain doesn't mean it wont continue, dont be afraid, just manage ur risk properly and unemotionally.
  4. MELA, flat
    • it filed an amendment to the premarket approval application of MelaFind, its skin-cancer detecting device with the FDA
    • 4 was resistance, but I would assume if it opens strong this point will get pushed tomorrow.
  5. LIWA, n/a
    • nothing ah's, but the news today was that LIWA Article and also, which I dont have the link to that a big Chinese short seller decided to go long on this stock. Don't know how much truth is behind it, but I'm long from 10.9.
  6. NVDA, +1%
    • Chip-gear spending to grow 28 pct in 2011
    • Nvidia breaks below its 50-day moving average, support is at $20.25 
    • Stock tested that 20.25 area, I bot some April 20 puts when it popped up from that level, flat on them now, looking for this level to crack, maybe some oil panic will help, but this ah's news was positive, we'll see.
  7. ZAGG, +3.25%
    • The 7 level wouldn't crack today, and 7.5 wouldn't push after this stock's revenue is to be hurt largely by AAPL and the fact that they will be making their own covers for ipad2.
  8. SIMG, -7%
    • AAPL introduced a $39 HDMI adapter for its new iPad 2.
    • High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data, that you can hook the ipad2 up to xbox, pc, dvd player, etc.
  9. ROYL, +2%
    • Caught alot of flak today in chat @ Investors Underground about being long on this stock, look whose laughing now suckers! lol, j/k, but as long as you stick to you're stops and manager ur risk on this one, dont get emotional or feel that its up too much or whatever, 
    • These speculation, momentum movers have the tendency to squeeze the shit out of shorts and go much higher, maybe today was its last day, I do foresee a short in the near future, but let the stock show you that it is weak before you start thinking like that, its not going to just move in the blink of an eye, you will have you're opportunity.
  10. YUKO, up .30cents ah's
    • Saw a dandy lil pop up to 42, which is where its resistance is, and it does have some solid resistance, because when it popped it didn't hold, but I see it eventually breaking 42. 
    • And if 42, then 50 pretty soon.
    • I have some March 40 calls, stock is making some gains ah's, be nice if it could get over 42 tomorrow.