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Mar 2 - Wed. "Play PAY 2get Paid"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
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  • Nasdaq-100 After-Hours Indicator Down 4.27 at 2,310.99
  1. PAY, +5.3%
    • better-than-expected results and guidance
    • Early longs may want to target possible entry points in the 45.80 to 46.30 range, an area where buy support was steady Tuesday night and where a potential base support could form for added movement into the mid- to higher-46s
    • has recorded an earnings-driven after-hours gain in 10 of the last 13 quarters and has closed further 11.9% of the time, vry bullish.
  2. SINA, -4.9% (Chinese Twitter: Weibo did well)
    • China's largest Internet portal
    • topping Q4 estimates, guiding in-line for Q1 and announcing a deal to buy shares of Mecox Lane, a Chinese online platform for apparel and accessories
    • strong reversal tendency in place and some decent upside liquidity that flowed into SINA shares off the low tonight may open the door for more risk tolerant longs to eye the stock off any revisit down to the 78 to 77 area, levels that saw decent upside liquidity as the stock rose off its evening low Tuesday night
  3. ROYL, +8%
    • Oil craze this stock has been doing very well.
    • Pop'd over 7 ah's, but retraced to just below it as ah's ended, look for it to push through strong volume tomorrow.
  4. YOKU, flat
    • This stock would have pushed over 42 today, if mkt would have permitted, weakness in overall mkt brought it back down, combined with some over head. I have some March 40 calls @3.00.
  5. MCOX, +10.9%
    • Chinese online platform for apparel and accessories, shares being aquired by SINA.
    • stock shot up to 6.3 on lighter volume, about 30k shares, usually only does 500k a day.
    • stock was at 7 bucks for a second the other day, could retest.