Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Mar 8 - Tues. "Listen to the URBN JAZZ"

Milestone Financial Investments L.L.C.
  • Nasdaq-100 After Hours Indicator Down 2.28 at 2,325.79 
  • McClellan Osc finished -29, -50 is considered oversold. So we got a little ways to go down before we are oversold, but very close to bouncing.
  1. BSFT, +20.2% 
    • beating Q4 estimates and setting its guidance in-line to above the Street view
    • Buyers looked most confident tonight between 39.20 and 41.40, an area to watch for a possible bottom support to form for longs to jump in and perhaps catch some upside turns back toward the higher 41s, or again break toward 42
  2. JAZZ, +4.5%
    •  better-than-expected results and guidance
    •  consistent tendency to add to after-hours gains in next-day trade, combined with some steady buy support in the shares tonight would have us looking at long plays on JAZZ early Tuesday. Buyers may want to linger near the 27.90 to 28.40 area, a range that could set up as an early day base support for possible bounces back into the mid- to higher-28s
  3. URBN, -12.5% 
    •  missing Q4 expectations
    • Sellers were most active tonight between 35.16 and 33.50, an area where a potential ceiling level could form for shorts to eye.
  4. RAME - could gap over resistance 2.58, if so, then should get a sell off sparking a morning panic where I'll look to add some long for what I feel is an eventual move over 2.6 and into 3x3.5.
  5. VRUS - dont even know the news, but this low float really ran today, I expect a large drop soon, short biased on this badboy mover.
  6. WDC - the move today would stayed over 36 if we had a strong mkt, oil is f'n everything up for movers as of late, but same pattern here that we saw on YOKU at 40, which it eventually pushed the high, which was close to 36.
  7. YOKU - Small pull backs here and there, I"m long as long as 42 holds, I am out of my position now, but I will be building up the April 42 calls, they traded at around 4 bucks.