Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 14 - Thurs. "The Early Bird Gets Shot"

 Milestone LLC
  • I'ma be forward with alot of you out there who follow and who watch my trades, when I break them down in my blog with details those are the stocks I"m most confident with. My trades during the day I am usually taking small shares and taking small gains on them as well, so an fyi cause I dont want you getting caught up in a bad trade, like INVE did to me today.
  1. SINA - big move ah's on CNBC/Cramer pump. 
  2. CRZO - Cramer pump fell flat ah's, shot a move up tomorrow.
  3. ZIP - has an ipo coming out 2moro, idk if that is the ticker or not.
  4. MGM - personally looking to short this one.
  5. INVE - dips in the morning, then I will try the long one more time.
  6. SIFY - huge run towards eod, have no shares to short, putting in a request to broad street for them.
  7. AMSC - I took this one long for a swing.
  8. GME - I shorted gamestop with a friend, dont believe the hype surrounding.
  9. CPWR: -4.8%; expects Q4 EPS below Street estimates.
    • dropped through the 10.92 level to an early evening low of 10.50 before stabilizing between 10.75 and 10.50 through the bulk of its after-hours action. A pre-market open Thursday may have potential in the 10.75 to 10.60 area. Despite tonight's turn south there was some decent upside support rolling into CPWR shares between 10.50 and 10.60, an area more risk tolerant longs may want to eye as a tentative near-term floor support that could see some early day lift back toward 10.70 or higher.
  10. UFPI: -10%; misses with Q1 results, will not resume providing guidance.
  11. FSLR: -0.7%; operations president leaving.
  12. JBHT: +0.1%; tops with Q1 results.
  13. BPL 
    • was dumped to a first-half after-hours low of 59.10 before popping back to levels tight to 59.25. It edged modestly higher through the mid-session and second-half of the evening, mainly holding negative levels between 59.40 and 59.25. Evening indications would suggest BPL records a potential pre-market open Thursday surrounding the 59.25 area. Buy momentum was strong coming off tonight's lows of 59.10 up to 59.30. The solid upside support off the evening bottom could bode well for more risk tolerant longs willing to nibble at the shares in the low 59s through the early-going on Thursday, an area that could see some pops back toward 59.40 to 59.50, or above.