Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 15 - Fri. "Ya Win Sum"

Milestone LLC
  1. GOOG
    • pre-market open Friday may have potential between 550 and 546. GOOG has recorded an earnings-driven after-hours decline in 11 of the last 26 quarters we've tracked, and in six of those quarters, or 55% of the time, the stock has headed deeper in the red in the following day's regular session. The downside performance is decent but not overwhelming in terms of supporting an aggressive short bet on GOOG Friday. Nonetheless, there was substantial downside liquidity that rolled into GOOG shares tonight, an indication some pent-up sell momentum is built into the shares that shorts may be able to follow. Sellers were most aggressive tonight between 558.65 and 552.50, an area that formed as a consistent ceiling in after-hours trade and where shorts may be able to catch continued negative turns back toward 550 or below. More risk tolerant shorts may want to sit closer to the 552 to 549 area to start as the stock may have legs to kick off the day down at these lower levels and perhaps dip further into the 540s.
  2. CBST
    • pre-market open Friday may have potential in the 31.50 to 32 range. CBST did have consistent difficulty in holding support at 32 and above tonight, an area shorts may want to watch as a possible near-term ceiling level on Friday. On the long side, buyers looked most confident tonight off the 31.30 to 31.50 area, a possible base support that could set up for bumps back up into the high 31s or near 32
  3. SVU - my favorite play today, has plenty of shorts avail and was predictable, huge move though, will be looking for pull, and perks to get long. should retest 11 and push soon, options exp though.
  4. REDF - approaching its break out point, which is 9.6ish area, although target is $9 on u/g.
  5. YRCW - severely beaten shart, but took a few long today at 2 for a swing, perking off base.
  6. SIFY - still looks like it bound for further take off, but I'll be looking to short major strength because at this point short is the least line of resistance.
  7. ZIP - what a pos, looking for it to catch a bottom and get back up, they opened this thing way to far up. 
  8. INVE - up down, prolly sideways with some good ups tomorrow.
  9. CIGX - after a huge move down its saw some perkage today, wonder will it continue?
  10. CHINA - mixed on this stock as it held 3 well, thought it would crack, but ...
  11. AONE - still recommending this as a swing long.
  12. JBII - to the stars baby!