Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 19 - Tues. "I'm So Good That I'm So Bad"

Milestone LLC
  1. ICUI
    • pre-market open Tuesday may have potential near 43ish. While the historical data is looking exceptionally bullish for the long side, we would still be cautious on the upside of ICUI as it was quick to give up gains in evening trade. The stock is sitting just shy of its 52-week high and did drop about 3% in Monday's regular session, perhaps an indication it may struggle to hold near-term gains as traders take out some profits. More risk tolerant longs may want to linger near the 43 mark, an area that could hold as a tentative early day floor support Tuesday morning. On the short side, selling was aggressive tonight near 44.60 down to 44, levels where a potential near-term ceiling level could form for shorts to eye.
  2. ZION
    • Volume thinned out considerably into the second-half of night play, but there was enough interest tonight near 23.80 to suggest this area may hold as an opening level in pre-market trade Tuesday, combination of the upside widening pattern in place and some positive interest tonight at 23 to 23.72 would have us looking at these levels as possible long entry points that could see attempts to break back toward the high 23s or again breach through 24.
  3. TXN
    • Evening indications would suggest TXN records a potential pre-bell open Tuesday near 34.20 to 33.80. The strong widening pattern in place in TXN shares on the heels of evening declines, combined with some consistent sell pressure that hit the issue tonight would have us looking at potential short plays on the shares Tuesday. Shorts may want to watch the 34.60 to 34.00 area, levels that could set up as a potential ceiling range as the stock perhaps retests the near-term lows in the high 33s.
  4. SIFY - took some long just before it went green today, big move will come after 6.5+
  5. MOBI - pushing high hard, I'll be looking to short morning parabolic.
  6. AONE - good mover today, coming off the floor.
  7. REDF - chart just looks great lately, should push higher and test 10.
  8. SVU - looking for it to push 11 or at least test it better.
  9. LLEN - closed the day strong, but its running into resistance.
  10. AMRN - up huge on drug news, gap down, long, gap up short, parabolic short more comfy with.
  11. CHTP - large base breakout, gap fill at 6,
  12. SYMX - one of my favorite charts rite now, 52's today, will not stop.