Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 20 - Wed. "Sunny 420"

Milestone LLC
  1. YHOO 
    • set off on an aggressive upside run in the immediate wake of its quarterly report, spiking from 16.23 to an after-hours high of 17. Sellers answered in kind off the top, dropping YHOO down to still positive levels between 16.40 and 16.71, a range where the issue stayed through much of its late first-half and second-half evening action. A pre-bell open Wednesday may have potential near 16.40 to 16.60. We noted earlier today that longs should be wary of an evening upside move in YHOO shares. YHOO has recorded an earnings-driven evening gain in 15 of the 27 quarters we've tracked. It has reversed or narrowed that gain in next-day regular session nine times, about 60% of the time. The reversal trend in place, combined with some decent sell pressure that locked into the shares at 16.70 and above, may open the door for shorts to eye this area as a potential ceiling.
  2. INTC
    • A pre-market open Wednesday may have potential near 20.95 to 20.80. We noted earlier today INTC is a stock for longs to be wary of in the off-hours, and an issue for shorts to line up if it should post an earnings-driven after-hours upside move. INTC has advanced in the after-hours in 18 of the last 28 quarters we've tracked. However, it saw that advance reverse or narrow in next day trade in 16 of those quarters, or 89% of the time. The strong reversal trend in place in INTC shares may offer opportunities for shorts tomorrow, but as always we would still be cautious and watch the early trade in the shares, particularly if Wall Street starts piling in with positive opinions on tonight's results, a factor that could push the stock north and break the prevailing reversal pattern. More risk tolerant shorts may want to eye the 21.20 to 21 area Wednesday, a range that stood as a consistent ceiling level tonight and where there may be room to catch some downside back into the higher 20s.
  3. CREE: -6%; misses with Q3 EPS, beats with revenue, guides mostly below Street.
  4. CEYY - popped up today, prolly not the first day it runs
  5. MOBI - steady uptrend, but went red for a second today b4 bouncing right back.
  6. CHTP - slow fade today, look for it to level out and perk. ran into resistance.
  7. AMRN - more fades, look for it to steady and pop, diff chart here though.
  8. SYMX - I'm short, but I feel its a mistake maybe gap and crap, this thing looking like maybe $5 though
  9. VHC - didnt' play today, chart mite be tryna retest.
  10. CHINA - beasting here, looking to get short on a solid pop.
  11. ABMD - looking to get short had trouble holding green today, made a great run though. Just watch.
  12. XG - first day of noticing this, maybe it has some more before we go short, possibly 10 area.
  13. QPSA - comign off a nice base, looking to long.
  14. SIFY - looking to short on parabolic over 11.
  15. REDF - this different chart, not real sure on its direction.
  16. YRCW - long.