Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 21 - Thurs. "Good Morning"

Milestone LLC
  1. CHTP - been fading for 2 days now, from a high of 5.37. I'm looking for it to drop tomorrow to 4.5, and maybe flash below to snag some long. Should have sideways price action w/perks.
  2. SCOK - this chart is downtrend with a pop, now its fading back to its lows, possible short, but I'm watching for flatness with perks.
  3. SYMX - was looking super strong today, until it ripped down toward close. I'm short biased but I think it pushes $5 here soon, would like more of a parabolic to short it.
  4. QPSA - was suprised this held so well today, breaking out of its base here, looking for pops to short.
  5. COOL - close to breaking out, should push higher if it can 4.15x4.25 mark.
  6. MAKO - might be time to short this bad boy, maybe a double top here.
  7. MTG - big leg down today, looking for a bounce soon.
  8. PRAN - was stair stepping itself down, this perk today off support represents what I see as a bullish indication, quite possibly the first flash in a long indicator. 
  9. SVU - finally touched 11 today, looking for it to extend beyond this point, the real move will be above 12, but in all reality I think the least line of resistance is down from here. 
  10. FTK - kinda weak today, peeps sleeping on it, but it really wants to get to $10 badly, anything beyond has got to be overextention, much of these stocks haven't been making it to their targets for overextention, just keep ur eyes peeled for a set up you know. 
  11. AMRN - closed the day green, I think we see a gap and go tomorrow. 
  12. ABMD - this thing had a huge run, today it flirted with red, we should see a  healthy pullback.
  13. AONE - I took some short today, I think we need some more pulls and sideways consolidation before we see any move upwards. 
  14. SIFY & REDF - both overextended need to come down and have some sideways action.