Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 27 - Thurs. "T-Shirt Time"

  1. WAVX - 3.5 is breakout point + +, I called for a swing tonight 3.27.
  2. MNKD - back on my watch because of the huge move it made today, just a watch.
  3. AVVC - add on dips, see if this thing can take off now that LEXG is parabolic/too expensive.
  4. RPC - TIV, both of these are cheap and in for runs...RPC did tonight on the back of "Positive Results of Onko-Sure for Colorectal Cancer."
  5. AKAM
    • pre-market open Thursday looks to have potential surrounding the 37 mark, the longer-term widening pattern and the aggressive next-day trade following negative evening moves may bode well for shorts tomorrow, we would still be cautious on the downside as there was some significant buying off the low of 36.60 up to 37, a potential floor support to watch. Shorts may want to watch the 38.19 to 37.55 area to start on Thursday, levels where sell momentum was most aggressive tonight before the stock dropped to its session low.
  6. MELA - I think this may have one more day of downs or flatness before we see some perkage and a run back to 4+, which is where it will run. 
  7. MIPS - I did not play today, but it had a huge sell of with some flat uptrending to close out, we could see this thing push tomorrow.
  8. MOBI - has been making huge runs and today it moved 20+ nicely, looking for more.
  9. GENE - made my list cause of its huge run, expect a fade like INVE.
  10. LOOP - popped on my list after moving 30%+ in ahs trade.