Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


Apr 29 - Fri. "Patience Pays"

  1. AVVC - look for morning weakness to add, 1.17 was bounce last time.
  2. MNKD - base breakout.
  3. VCI - considering a short, high of 30.8.
  4. SYMX - tried to run at eod, but held back, should push tomorrow. 4.5 b/o.
  5. AMRN - nice move today, 16.2 break above we see a nice push.
  6. HRZ - pos flattened out after its move 2.5, sideways with perks, eventually breaking 2.5+.
  7. MIPS - stayed green all day today, be on the look out for weakness though, could bring drops quick.
  8. REDF - finished the day like it wanted to run, but overhead and lack of time kept it, maybe tomororw we see some continuance. 
  9. QPSA - "prime for a short tomorrow" call ur brokers and get shares if u dont have any.
  10. RIMM - pre-market open Friday may have potential in the 51 to 50 range. Sell momentum was most aggressive tonight between 52 and 51, a possible near-term ceiling level shorts may want to eye.
  11. CSTR - pre-bell open Friday may have potential in the 55 to 56 range. With a strong widening pattern in place on the plus side we would look for a long play in the shares early Friday. Buyers may want to look for entry points in the 55 to 55.75 range, levels where positive liquidity looked confident tonight and where there may be room to catch some upside back toward 56 or above.