Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


May 3 - Tues. "All Rhymers with Alzheimers"

  1. VVUS - pre-market open Tuesday looks to have potential near 8.10 to 8.25, consistent widening trend in place following evening upside moves for VVUS would have us looking at a potential long play on the shares early Tuesday. Buyers may want to target possible entry points between 7.95 and 8.15, an area that could form as an early floor support and possibly see some lift back toward the 8.20 level, or higher.
  2. HIG -pre-bell open Tuesday near the 29.30 to 29.70 range, mixed historical trade on the upside isn't bullish data for the long side, but with some decent early evening buy support rolling into HIG shares Monday night between 29.40 and 29.60, we would look at this range as a possible near-term bottom support that could see upside turns for longs back toward 29.80 or above.
  3. CGNX - pre-market open Tuesday may have potential in the 34.50 to 35 range, aggressive widening trends in place would have us targeting a long play on CGNX Tuesday morning. Early buyers may want to watch for possible entry points between 34 and 34.75, an area that could set up as a base support early tomorrow as the stock perhaps again seeks to retest the high of 35.
  4. SPPI - nice range in this one, needs to push that 10.5 area to break out.
  5. YRCW - down alot, struggled to push 1.6, key area.
  6. SCOK - up a ton today, watching for a set up, put on watch list.
  7. ZAGG/MNKD - both closed well could continue into tomorrow. 
  8. MOBI - sold off today, look for support levels to hit.
  9. HEAT - flat w/perks, low float.