Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


July 1 - Fri. "Marinate"

  1. KV.A - I'm beginning to like this chart. Setting higher lows, which then you should long on any pullback say 2.5 doesn't break. 2.8 is resistance, if breaks above could run, but I like this long.
  2. EGHT - buy long on a pull, this inch inch gear mover might go 5's vry soon.
  3. SOLR - still atop its range, could still be a solid short soon just that FSLR was strong today so it gave then a boost.
  4. SYNM - looking for a bottom and eventual reversal, just a watch.
  5. ONTY - heard Cramer was going to pump this one again, but idk if he did, short biased.
  6. JVA - might make another run soon, had a late day run, looking for a top, long way to fall when it does. 
  7. TRGL - watch for a pull and a higher low. 
  8. ABAT - stock buy back, floor support .80, higher lower and go, on the lookout. 
  9. GENE - great day, might be trying to get back up and test 9.5ish.
  10. RITT - huge run today, pulled big time from 10.5 to 8.8, such a large pull that you may want to get long early on, look for a r/g move.