Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 30 - Thurs. "Ending Of"

  1. SOLR - good short today, any strength back towards 16 and over I'll be shorting. 
  2. ONTY - major fake out on this one day after day, but still have faith its a good short at some point, just keep shorting the strength.
  3. ALAN - took some short way too early, ended up averaging up 2.11, really bad loss if I took it but held and now looks as if it should pay off, we'll see.
    • has a NASDAQ decision coming out early I believe weather or not they will be delisted, I think its priced in some, if they say no, then may drop hard.
  4. KKD - faded from 10, stocks been inching inching, looking to short it soon 11 would be a double, might try some if it fails 10 again.
  5. MMR - great short opportunity here if/when 19 fails, take it.
  6. ABAT - on watch list now for the bottom and turn.
  7. V - big pop tonight from congressional news on debit card fees or somn, looking to scalp the short on strength.
  8. OXGN - nice play in chat at Investors Underground use the code: BOOMWIN for a free 2 week trial and 25% off each month if you decide to join. Watch for r/g has been the catalyst last few days.