Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 10 - Fri. "Stock Operator"

Milestone LLC
  1. EGHT - setting up for a run over 3.6, possibly re-tests 4. I'd add on morning panic dip.
  2. AXK - defiant top up here at 7.5x8ish, took some short. I'm holding this possibly till monday with a target of 6 on it.
  3. MOBI - setting up to run, major fake outs today, but should rip up and test 8 when you least expect it.
  4. JVA - strongest mover today, anything over 13 I'd short.
  5. COOL - talked about in chat today at Investors Underground use the code "Boomwin" to get a 2 free week trial and we can discuss how this should make you money in the future.
  6. NEP - huge move and held most of its gains, been saying to watch this for a reversal. Well, this was your first sign that its trying, next pull back, go long.
  7. RENN - super beat down here, can't believe this thing is that hated, looking for big drop, bounce and reverse.
  8. TRGL - made a late day run, I'm thinking this could carry into tomorrow, will be on watch.