Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 9 - Thurs. "Staying Alive"

Milestone LLC
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  1. OXGN - close to reversing, if we get a positive day in the mkt, it should tomorrow.
  2. AXK - very nice trend going here, similar to ZAGG, so I'm eyeing a s/s on it, profit takers.
  3. EGHT - got a mention on cnbc today, popped it, so I shorted. I had been wanting to short it on that 30% run it made few days ago, missed so I felt like this was my next opportunity. Look to cover in the am.
  4. AGYS - on my radar for a short, need to let it show a top first, 8.4 is long term resistance, anything over 8, I'll be looking to short now, as close to that 8.4 point.
  5. CHBT - nice rebound today, looking for dips to add long.
  6. JAMN - being controlled upside, ride till ride stops.
  7. LEXG - getting sold off and beaten up, next stalk for long.
  8. MW - 31.35 to 30.94 area could set up as a potential ceiling level for shorts to eye, more risk tolerant shorts may want to eye levels closer to 30.75 to 30.50, an area that didn't get much of an upside test in late evening trade but where the stock is likely to open in morning action and perhaps run into difficulty in finding support to again take a run at upside support at 31 or above, long side, buyers looked most confident Wednesday night as MW firmed off its low of 29.15 up to 29.75, an area where a potential bottom support could form and perhaps see some firming back toward 30.