Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 14 - Tues. "Get While the Gettings Good"

Milestone LLC
  1. COOL - On the long side, buyers may want to watch for a possible bottom support developing in the lower 4s in the a.m. hours, perhaps testing the waters near 4.15 to 4.20, an area that could see lift back into the mid- to higher-4.20s, imo this dip gives buying opportunity long.
  2. WIFI - look for dips below 10 to add and the 10 recross for the ride, will be looking 10.75 to test the short.
  3. DANG - out of lockup, shares are beginning to look interesting long, but don't catch a falling knife here, just scalp the bounce for small gains until we see reversal, 9.5 where I'm thinking though. Their e/r was strong in Q1, 2011. "AMZN of China"
  4. MOBI - dubbed the turd of the year, don't get fooled into thinking its breaking up, let it set up, just when everyone is done with it, it will bounce. I can't really offer you a price to look for, just watch the the whole #'s like 4,5,6 and the .25's, .5's, .75's.
  5. AONE - caught an upgrade but I think it was so they could get out of their positions, looking to short pops tomorrow. 
  6. MOTR - for a minute today this stock set up, looking for that push to test 8, cause an 8 cross could bring 10, we just have to get that little move first to build up steam.
  7. INSM - alerted to me by a associate on gchat, if you dont have a gmail account, get one, and we can do some ah's chatting for all market hours chatting and advice, I am helping moderate come check it out for free 2 week trial if you use the referral code "BOOMWIN"
  8. EGHT - nice long here, alerted at 3.5 I was going long for the swing, should test 4 soon, my target.
  9. ZAGG - took some short early on on the advice of @investorslive great alert, went down .50cent from entry, had to leave, came back, was still up .30cent, didn't take it, geared, moved on me, down a little right now, but about flat, should sell off soon, kinda hoping on this one that I picked the top, 30% sure.
  10. SQNS - first sign of perk after big run from Cramer, then big sell off from Cramer, should get back to 15, where value feels.