Miles J. Stoner, @StockHollywood

Dallas, Texas


June 15 - Wed. "Short the Parabolic"

Milestone LLC

  1. REE - longs might want to try and play the 11 cross
  2. RITT - pop'd, pulled with consolidation and retested highs, short if you can find them, maybe 10.
  3. WIFI - I'm hoping shorts dont dry up on me IB lost them today, good thing BST had them, has been a great short off of highs, then it based on the 2 minute around 2pm and I played it long for a nice pop. I don't think the long is done, the 10 cross to 10.5 might be nice, then I'll look to short up there.
  4. JCP - played this one short a few times on big pops, then took a small size short overnight 35.3, jmo no way this holds 20% gain for too long, killed shorts early on though. Be careful, know ur limits.
  5. LO - looking to get short on this huge run on morning strength tomorrow. $117 all time high.
  6. LEXG - beat chart, first day green, closed at highs, add on dips until it doesn't act properly or trend breaks down.
  7. COOL - pumped by the best right now, today's pull was an opportunity to get long, so I took a few long in a swing play, but 6months looks like bearish double top, where pops are ops to short.
  8. QPSA - the early pop today was a sign to take this long, I think this sideways consolidation will bring a dip and rip.
  9. DANG - tweezer bottom usually a sign of a strong stock reversal. Extremely oversold due to unlock.
  10. ZAGG - I keep averaging my short up, dont recommend this, but I think this stock in for a pull for a few days, maybe 2 days, get back under 12. On the other hand I could get hit and it move over 13 strong.
  11. RMBS - not a stock I will play with fraud hanging over its head, but technically 15 move could capture a few points.
  12. RPTP - up a ton, s/s soon, just dont know if it goes further.